How do you keep your course files organized?

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How do you keep your course files organized?

Here's a quick tour of how Paige from Udemy's video editing team keeps our files in order and accessible. What method do you use to organize your audio/video/supplemental etc. files for your courses?

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So, when we first started out we did NOT think a thing about how we organized our stuff. We had a folder for the adobe files we created in a folder with the course name, and all the videos were simply numbered 1-however many we had. We have since learned that was not a great method. Now, we store everything in a Google drive so that Jason and I, and our employees can access the things from anywhere. We have the course archive for courses that are completed. In there we have folders for each course, in each folder we have the adobe files for everything, the raw source files for everything, captions, course notes, completed files in a couple versions: ones without our company bumper on the end and ones with. The ones with get uploaded to sites like Udemy and without goes on our own platform (they are already there, they dont need the reminder!)


We also learned the hard way that you need a good naming scheme from the start. So we have courses like ITIL4 and Network+ for example. We take the name of the course and shorten it to attach to each file, ITIL4 for example is shortened to I4F for ITIL4 Foundation. Then we number in a methodical way, so I4F_00_00 (name) for the Promo, 01_01 (name) for the welcome message, 01_02 (name) for continuing videos in that section. Then we go down and do 02_01 for the next section and so on. We use sections like chapters and break those down into basically sub sections of topics for each lesson. It makes searching for things SO much easier.


Definately come up with a good naming system from the start-because that was one of the BIGGEST hassles to update when we realized we needed to be much more methodical!

*Brains behind Jason Dion*


Great job!

I use these:

1- Creating folders on my H.D.D  like yours and organizing them. such as for c# level one :

Udemy -> Cs1-> out put

Udemy -> Cs1-> edited source

Udemy -> Cs1-> original source

Udemy -> Cs1-> pics

Udemy -> Cs1-> etc


Note: Remeber the most important thing in working with computer is creating folders for each task before starting it

Suppose i have project in C# ant it has about 20 GB filse so in this situationit's critical foldering and ...


2- Using the google drive to hold my videos by adding folders to it.




1) I store all my Udemy courses in a single directory.

2) I create a new directory in that directory for every course.

3) I name all my files with a course, section and lecture prefix to get them in sort order together.  For example:



GIMP-intro-install. tscproj




Establishing some means to organize all your files is one of the most important jobs for a new instructor.



On my Dell XPS8920 desktop I have a four terabyte drive that is ONLY for my course files.

I have a separate folder for each course. Within that course folder I have all the graphics, PPTs, original video files, and then a sub-folder labeled "FinalMP4s" which, of course, are the files that I upload to Udemy. As mentioned in other threads, I then have a QNAP NAS backup system.

Lawrence M. Miller
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