I do use real human audio, but my courses are still banned...

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I do use real human audio, but my courses are still banned...


My Udemy courses remain banned as the platform consistently accuses me of using text-to-speech audio.

However, I have recorded the course in a professional studio and have attached receipts to prove it.

Unfortunately, Udemy Trust & Safety is unresponsive to my emails.

What can I do in this situation?

It is a significant blow to me since I've invested a substantial amount of effort and money in creating these courses.

Is there anybody encountering a situation like this?
How can I solve this problem?

Kindly assist me.

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Hi @Acelearning Thank you for your post!


We are sorry to hear your courses were banned. Unfortunately, we can't provide account-level support in the community, but we can confirm that we received your message.  The team should follow up with you soon.

Thank you for your patience. 


Hi @Bessy ,

thank you for your response.

Please address my issue promptly.😭


Thanks in advance.

Maybe consider a voice over your content that’s recorded? There are some guidelines with audio HERE.  And then send a sample video with audio before you proceed to make sure it’s compliant. 

Hi @Alexia 

Thanks for your reply.

This is a great option, and I will consider it when evaluating possible solutions.

Thank you.


You are welcome! All the best with creating.

@Acelearning I don't have any details about your situation but just looking at your existing courses you have a different voice in almost every course.


A few of them are female voices!


And the male voices are not the same in different courses.


At least one of the voices actually sounds like a professional dub by a voice actor. 

Another like a normal voice.


Also the fact that almost every course is acted with perfect lip sync by an animated character (which clearly an AI or a work of a program) makes the whole thing look like an AI generated project.


I'm just saying this because this is how an outsider like me sees it.


Hi @MichaelPog,


thank you for your response.


In fact, I create the videos first and then hire a voice actor to do the dubbing.

Additionally, it required significant time and financial resources to synchronize the character's dialogue with their lip movements.
It is frustrating for me when I realize that my English course versions are banned.😓

I hope Udemy could allow me to upload my courses as soon as possible.🙏

Thank you again for your feedback.

On a side note, I really like that manga-style animated character that reads the text in one of your promos. It looks cool! Is this some kind of free software or paid software you use for that?

Hello @SSAA,


Thank you for your compliment.🤗


This is a patent technology developed by our company.


Here is our website:https://only-ace.com/

Feel free to visit it.😉


Thanks. Looks cool. Would be interesting to have this option for English. 



I understand your frustration with your Udemy courses being banned. Here are some steps you can take to address this issue:

  1. Contact Udemy Support: Reach out to instructorsupport@udemy.com so they can verify your account and ...details.
  2. Review Udemy’s Guidelines: Make sure your courses comply with Udemy’s guidelines. This includes ensuring that your audio is not text-to-speech, which Udemy might mistake for AI-generated audio.
  3. Provide Evidence of Compliance: If you have recorded the course in a professional studio, provide receipts or other forms of evidence to prove it.
  4. Patience and Persistence: Keep in mind that resolving such issues can take time. Be patient and persistent in your communication with Udemy’s Trust & Safety team.

Remember, many instructors have faced similar challenges. You’re not alone, and with persistence, you can get your courses reinstated. Good luck!


Hi @Jenrick ,


thank you for the response.


I have repeatedly submitted receipts of the recording to the Udemy team, but unfortunately, they have not accepted them.

In accordance with your suggestion, I will review the regulations once again and strive to furnish additional proof of compliance.

I appreciate your encouragement and advice.



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