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After recording , I have realised that there are black bars (two in number , one is up and another is down, like a cinematice style) in the videos.


Is there any video editing software, which will help me to remove those? 

To remove those without deteriorating the quality? 


Any input from instructors who teach video editing softwares is appreciated.




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What is the resolution of your current video? It can be removed using premiere pro and I believe cropping is a standard feature of video editing tools. For example, one of the ways to do it in premiere pro is to just use the "Scale effect" on the video and scale the video to such an extent that the black bars are gone. Another way is to use a crop effect in premiere pro. Here are 2 videos on how to do it:
Scale effect:

Crop effect:
There is one challenge that will remain. For example, if your video resolution is full HD, say 1920 by 1080. This aspect ratio is important because videos in Udemy (or other standard video players as well) also run on similar aspect ratios, the length to the height of the video rectangle should have a ratio of 1920 to 1080 (think of a wooden board of length 1920 mm by 1080 mm). When you start cropping or scaling, you have 2 choices - either to give up on that ratio, because remember, you are trying to slice out two rectangles from the top and bottom, which means reducing the height. Or you have to elongate the video on the Y-axis (height side) after cropping so as to maintain that ratio of 1920 by 1080 - this will make everything in the video look elongated vertically.

If I were you and my video resolution was 1920 by 1080 (including the black horizontal bars) I would either go by the scaling method and let go of the non-black video parts as well, or I would simply leave it as-is. Cropping and elongating it is a bad idea, it makes things look strange. 

@Rudranil Chakrabortty Thanks for such a detailed reply.  

I appreciate your effort.


I think the videos are set to maximum resolution. The only reason why I have those black bars is that I do not want to show the date and time of recording in videos.

Therefore I have cropped the recording region in a way that hides the icon tray on the screen. I latter found a much simpler solution for this. That is to hide the clock. Lol.


I will try the two options  I feel scaling may not deteriorate the vertical height.

Lets see. I will try and update you..


I m just trying to make my videos look better.. so I am working on this.


Thank you very much again!



Dear Rudranil

I have just started to upload videos in udemy. I am use CAMTASIA. The screen recording is 1920 * 1080P, and the output is the same. After uploading to udemy, the video always shows black edges. After many modifications, the result is still the same. Have you ever met? thank you very much.

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