Repeated emails from udemy

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Repeated emails from udemy

Hi all, 


I created a course and submitted it for review 3 days back. I received an email to fix 3 thing. I fixed them. I resubmitted after fixing all the 3 things. I am stlll received the same email every day to fix the same 3 things and in messages, it says as 3 days ago you were told so n so on.

Is there any human who  reads the emails. 


I want San Francisco no. I want to talk on phone. What is it that I sm not understanding. 


Paradoxically, when I firstly created a course and it had nothing in it and by error, I submitted it for review, it passed the review in a single day. Then I was asked to unpublished the course here at the community. 

I am wondering what's going on. 

 I need phone no of udemy to talk to some real human. 

Its ridiculous. 

Sorry to say. 


Prof. Dr. Shahzad Waseem 

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Udemy has live chat support, on which they reply pretty fast. I'd use that for contacting them.


 i took this screen**bleep** just right now. I had changed it. But it's still not updated. Similarly I have changed the video, but I think, it's automatic response or bot.


Sorry for the weird spelling mistake. I wanted to write screenshot. 


Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion


Do the emails contain links to articles explaining what policies the fixes are about? I normally get clarity when I read the article they send. I usually email and haven’t used the chat feature. Good to know that is an option. It’s our new normal I think to go without phone customer service in many industries. Hard adjustment mid life for me!

Thanks Alexa for taking time to write. I feel every case is different. Every individual's understanding and insight and out sight is different. I am happy that your issues are resolved by the articles. Good luck. 

When I feel issues, I used to have a call from Google, Skype discussions with many big brands, like alibaba, free if cost. 

The face to face talk has no replacement in my personal humble opinion. 

Udemy has emerged as a big brand now. They have most of the things which are good. A very few need modification in my humble opinion. I am not a policy maker. Udemy is free to make it's policies and I am supposed to abide by them and I do, that's why I am still here. But my emails and discussions here are suggestions, not compulsions. 


Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @Prof.Dr.Sha550 


I am sorry to hear your course can't be publish due to receiving the same email with same error messages. I know it could be frustrating, but we are here to assist you with any inconvenience. 


My first recommendation will be that you reply to the feedback they are giving to you, and you can mention to our quality team you already make the changes. The quality review team will see the comment and reply back directly from the feedback page.


If you want our support directly, you can reach us to our instructor support here


I hope you get a resolution!


Let us know if you have more questions.


David V.

Community Moderator

Thanks for taking time. 

Look David, all my replies and discussions here, aa I replied above to Alexa, should be taken as constructive. I am not asking the udemy to change its policies for me. I abide by its polices, that's why I am here. And, whether an individual or a big organisation, thete is always a room for imorovemt. 

Udemy has reached here from very small level and now it's a brand. It has many more goods than short comings. Few are some issues which have been disturbing for you. I hope that you take it positively. 


1. When I submit a course after addressing and fixing, I expect an automatic email that the course has been submitted for review. Besides the message on the screen that course has been submitted for review.

2. One major issue is that after almost typically 17 hours of my submission, I receive the same email that is to fix the issues which I had fixed 17 hours ago. No new words,just as it's as automatic reply without checking if someone has submitted the fixes. This email created issues confusions. 

3. Second major issue is the difference in opinion between reviewers, which is normal. But if you have a tick list, there should be no difference of opinion as you are checking the course according to the checklist. For example one says image is not correct, the other says it's OK. In between I had changed the image and problem remains there.

4. Regarding promotional  video, it's also the same as image. I get the emails to fix it after 8 have fixed it. I assume hat the email has been sent after reviewing my course, but that attached screenshot us of the old video.


In the end, vi am thankful for your support and my inability and lack of knowledge and understanding that I am repeating the same mistakes and expecting a different result, as said by Einstein. 

Dear David, I will also send you the copy of this reply to the email with agsin updated ticket to me. This reply us to acknowledge you ppl to try your best to help me out. 


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