Software used for video screen capture

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Software used for video screen capture

What software do you use to capture your screen for your courses?

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Hey @AaronBlack1979 , great question! Lots of other instructors have asked about this too. I did a quick search of the community for you and found these posts which might be relevant:


Hope this helps!


Abbie Reyes
Udemy Community Team

I use screencast-o-matic to record my screen for my courses. It is the most afffordable software out there that gets the job done 😃

I use OBS Studio, works a treat.

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Community Champion

I use screencast-o-matic. You can visit their website for pricing and other info.

I use OBS Studio too, it's free and works fine for me.

It records audio too but I use another piece of software to capture the audio at the same time.


Best of luck


Why do you choose to record audio externally? Is it a quality issue, and would there not be a way to go through a good mic and/or an interface?

Hi AaronBlack1979


I'm a sound engineer so I use my audio software of choice to capture the audio because I know it inside out and I have more control over the audio.

OBS has settings for using a seperate audio interface and mic, I've just never used that part of it.


Camtasia Studio

There are lots of Softwares out there, Camtesia would be easy to record your screen, edit video and even noise reduction e.t.c,  but it's a paid software, among free onces obs Studio will be good

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