Talking head with books on the background?

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Talking head with books on the background?

Hi, all.

What do you guys think of this talking head framing? Here's a link to the image:

Feel free to comment.


Kind Regards.

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The video doesn't appear to be showing.

Hi, @DanielEvans . Thanks for your feedback. I've reposted the image as an URL. Hope you can see this one:

I think it is OK, but I would reduce the distracting elements like the little smurf guy to the left of you. The simpler the better. 


Lawrence M. Miller

Thanks, @LawrenceMMiller. Totally agree with you.

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There's no contrast between you and the background, which makes it look flat. Actually, the background is better lit than yourself. Besides, the entire scene is way too colorful/distracting. 



  • Sit next to a window. Natural light can do wonders (and it's free)
  • Alternatively, you could invest in some lights. Look up "three-point lighting" on Google

Karoly Nyisztor - Instructor | Author | Software Engineer

Thanks a lot, @KarolyNyisztor !

Hi @KarolyNyisztor,


I'm wondering if you could help me too.


I'm about to start recording my course and some of it will be me talking into the camera. Now the issue I'm having is that I'm planning to have a Batman and Joker poster slightly blurred in the background but I can't find any guide on whether that's allowed or not from a trademark point of view 


If you know the answer or could point me to the right direction that would be hugely appreciated.








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Hi Zoli,
What's the point of having Batman-themed posters in the background?
I really don't get it, unless your course is about Hollywood movies (which would raise legal questions btw). Distracting backgrounds don't add any value and take attention away from the content you're delivering. Keep it simple and professional.

Bottom line: Don't use copyrighted content in your clips.

Karoly Nyisztor - Instructor | Author | Software Engineer
Storyteller Storyteller

Hi Joao,

It all depends on what you mean by Talking Head. In technical term, the Talking Head is a tiny camera take of the speaker placed on a corner of the main content (usually lower right corner). If that is what you are referring to, then it doesn't matter, as long as is reasonably visible. Its function is not to show your face, but only to improve the connection between you and your public. It's a psychological improvement, but your students' real focus is always on the main content, never on the Talking Head.


If on the other hand, you are referring to yourself as the main content, full screen or so, then things are quite different. In that case, you want to use a Chroma Key approach, draping a green or blue backdrop (depending on what you are wearing), then replacing that in post-production. A good standard replacement is a gradient or a blurred and desaturated panorama, so to enhance the speaker. Using Chroma Key when the speaker is the main content also helps to add callouts and other visual elements to improve communication.


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Thanks for the reply, @Pino ! I'll think about the Chroma key.

I feel there should be some more distance, you are too near the camera.

Also I noticed your screen or some rectangular object near your chest, do away with that.

Lighting looks ok.


Thanks, @BharatK ! That makes sense. I'll do some modifications an repost it.

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