Which Editing Software do you use?

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Which Editing Software do you use?

Hello Instructors!


We know that everyone has their own style of video creation because we’ve already seen your different audio & visual setups. But for this discussion, we’d love to know which software you are using to pull it all together?


Which editing software do you use and why do you use it?

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Adobe premiere Pro for ever

Salil Dhawan
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Community Champion

Adobe Premiere Pro. It is a little difficult as it has a lot more features but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy. Recommend taking a Premiere Pro course on Udemy, I took Phil's.

For images, use Adobe express, comes with the Adobe subscription, or Canva.

I prefer OBS Studio + Openshot video editor. 

Camtasia Studio 💪

I use Snagit and then use iMovie for editing (everything on a Mac) 

Camtasia, and then upload it to Auphonic to ensure that the audio is at a consistent level.


If you have problems with sound levels between videos, please look at Auphonic, which just solves those problems for me.

I use NCH Suite. 

Screen and Audio Recording - Debut Video Capture Software

Audio Editing (Noise Cancellation) - Wavepad

Video Editing - Videopad

All of the above are from the same company. 

I use Screenflow on my Macbook & Camtasia on my Windows Laptop.



I keep content simple and hence Microsoft's Video Editor (Successor to Movie Maker) works ok for me. 



Well, I think mine is on the contrary, probably because I am new here, but however I will be using ADOBE PREMIER PRO. / AE


I use Camtasia, and love it. It is easy to use and powerful at the same time

Ceci Mansilla

Camtasia on Windows 11

WonderShare Filmora 11 on macOS Monterey V.12.6.1

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Community Champion

Camtasia for screen recording, quicktime for webcam recording. Latest version of Camtasia is not good at all for capturing webcams to be honest. However you can use it with quick time and everything will work fine.

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Community Champion

I use Adobe Premiere Elements (Not Premiere Pro). The pro version is both expensive and needlessly complicated. Elements does everything you will need, is simple to use and is inexpensive. I don't know why more people don't use it.


Lawrence M. Miller

Hola a todos!! Soy nueva y estoy cargando mi primer curso. Consulta general! Utilizan Camtasia con versión PRO, o se puede usar en la versión gratuita?. Desde ya, muchas gracias!!! 🙂

Hi there! Suppose I don't want to appear in my videos, but I'm looking for a software that can create a 3D animated avatar that speaks what I say in the video. Which software options are available for me to achieve this?

I strongly believe in free stuff. In fact, my course is about PowerPoint and free tools. So my work process is as follows:

1. Create a presentation in PowerPoint.

2. Record and clean audio in Audacity. (I use a cheap lapel mike plugged into my notebook.)

3. I Save a separate clip for each Slide from my clean Audacity project.

4. I set each clip to play automatically when the slide plays.

5. I set each animation's time (eg. text appearance) on each slide to sync with the audio.

6. I save the whole presentation as an MP4 file.

7. I edit the MP4 file in Clipchamp, usually adding my talking head video and a second or so of branding. Clipchamp gives some free background music that you can put on your final product and provides very accurate captions.  The final product is exported in the required 1080  format with good audio.


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