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Advice on launching a course in a popular topic



I've launched my first course today, centred around dbt (data build tool). I've promoted the course on a slack community (including a discount), but I'm worried that my course won't stand out given that there are a couple of very well established dbt courses.


I had a couple of questions:

- When launching a new course, what should I expect in terms of uptake? I know this is obviously dependent on how much I try and promote the course - but it'd be good to get a sense of whether I'm on track or not

- How does Udemy handle new courses being launched on a topic where there are a handful of very well established courses?


Thanks in advance for any advice

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@JackCook954 let me ask you this.

Why did you create a course on a very competitive topic where there are already established courses.

Do you think your course is a lot better than the existing ones?

Or do you think your course is sufficiently different from the existing ones?


The uptake you should expect depends on the number of those questions that you answered "yes" to.

If the number is zero you shouldn't expect anything.

Thanks for the reply - and very fair points. I designed the course to be both sufficiently different, and (I believe) better than what's out there.


I think my main worry here is breaking through that initial barrier of getting some students to try the course, and getting enough momentum to compete with the very well established course. Even if I feel my course is sufficiently better / different than the others out there, it's still a big step for a student to take a punt on a course that's not rated / with very few students.

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How is it different and better?  These are your marketing points... 


It's not enough for you to feel it's better-- It has to be sufficiently differentiated and better.  

Mark Lassoff

Udemy Course Launch Tips.


Here are some tips to consider when launching a course on Udemy in a popular topic:


Identify a niche within the popular topic: Even if you're teaching on a popular topic, you can still stand out by focusing on a specific area within that topic. This will help you differentiate yourself from other instructors and attract a more specific audience.


Research the competition: Before creating your course, research what other courses are already available on Udemy on your chosen topic. This will help you identify gaps in the market and create a course that offers unique value.


Create high-quality content: Your course content should be engaging, informative, and easy to follow. Invest in quality equipment for recording videos and audio, and make sure to edit your content carefully to remove any mistakes.


Offer practical exercises: To ensure that students can apply what they've learned, include practical exercises and quizzes in your course. This will help reinforce the concepts covered and make the learning experience more engaging.


Promote your course: Once your course is live, promote it on social media, your blog, or through email marketing. Encourage your students to leave positive reviews, which will help your course rank higher on Udemy.


Stay up-to-date: As the industry evolves, make sure to update your course content accordingly. Keep an eye on new trends and changes, and incorporate these into your course to ensure it remains relevant over time.


Remember, creating a successful course on Udemy takes time and effort. By offering high-quality content, promoting your course, and staying up-to-date with industry trends, you can attract more students and grow your business over time.

Thanks ChatGPT.

"Very helpful"

@JackCook954  luckily for you, you actually created a course in a segment with currently very little competition. If you take a look at the course topic page or Marketplace Insights, there's only a total of 9 courses with dbt listed as the primary course topic with a decent amount of student demand: 


This is good for you because, number one, you have the longest course in your topic, and number two, there's only one page of courses in that topic, so you're already on the first page of results.

I would revisit your promo video and sales page and benchmark them against some of the best-selling Udemy courses to optimize student conversions. Focus on how your course is objectively better and different from your competition. I also recommend that you check out the "How to Create a Killer Promo Video with Chris Haroun" post in the instructor community, and sign up for his community webinar next month on marketing. 


Also, I quickly listened to some of your free preview videos, and your audio could greatly benefit from some post-production clean-up (it's very echoey). Good audio is very important to a course's long-term success. 

Thank you very much firstly for the advice and secondly for taking the time to look through my videos. Listening back on the audio (especially on headphones) I completely see your point - I'm going to use some software to clean it up

Sure thing, you're welcome!

Launching a Successful Udemy Course


Launching a course on Udemy can be a great way to share your expertise and earn money online. Here are some tips on how to launch a successful course on Udemy:


Choose a popular topic: Before creating your course, do some research to identify a topic that is in high demand on Udemy. Look for topics that have many courses but still have a significant audience to capture. Try to find a topic where you have a unique perspective or expertise.


Plan your content: Plan out your course content carefully, including lectures, quizzes, and assignments. Make sure your content is engaging, relevant, and practical. Break down the course into sections and ensure each section is complete on its own.


Create high-quality videos: Video quality is essential for online courses. Invest in high-quality equipment such as a good camera, microphone, and lighting. Ensure that your videos are well-produced and edited for a professional finish.


Set a competitive price: Research the prices of similar courses on Udemy and set a competitive price for your course. Don't underprice your course, but also don't price it too high that it puts off potential students.


Promote your course: To launch a successful course, you need to promote it actively. Use social media, email marketing, and other online channels to promote your course. Build an email list, engage with potential students on forums, and create a pre-launch campaign to build excitement.


Gather reviews: Encourage your students to leave reviews on your course, as this is a key metric that Udemy uses to rank courses. Good reviews will also help attract more students to your course.


Continuously update your course: Stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in your field and update your course content accordingly. Students want up-to-date, relevant content, so make sure you deliver that.


By following these tips, you'll be on your way to launching a successful course on Udemy.

Hi Jack @JackCook954,

Congratulations on publishing your first course.

I have watched your four preview videos to provide any feedback I could.

If I may point out only two things that your may improve upon:


1. Reduce the sound echo on the last two preview videos.

2. Try to have the foreground text brighter and have the background darker for the last two preview videos showing the software.


Overall I honestly liked your videos;


Best regards,

Ahmed Jendoubi, Ph.D.

hi Jack,

To answer the second part of your question;

Udemy will  rank you well if you are going micro niche on already well established courses.

What i mean by rank well is that it will show your course as NEW with already well established courses in first two or three courses,

By going micro niche i mean dont create anymore course on how to do SEO. Instead create a course on How to do SEO for Car rentals/ How to do SEO for Solo Traveller.  Give your students resources, tell them where to go, direct them, lead them.

Zoom in deep and find the micro niche which people are searching for. Search for popular topics in Tools section of your instructor dashboard on your left hand side. Hope this helps.




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