Automatic Captions in Other Languages not Available?

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Automatic Captions in Other Languages not Available?

My courses are in English and I have English captions.


I read that Udemy automatically adds captions for English, Spanish and Portuguese, but I don't see Spanish and Portuguese appearing on my courses. The Udemy interface wants me to upload captions to add another language. Has the automatic captioning for Spanish and Portuguese been removed?


Here's the exact wording from the Udemy FAQs for captioning.

"As part of Udemy’s plan to expand the global reach of instructors, and help make course content more accessible to students around the world, we provide auto-generated captions in English, Spanish and Portuguese for video lectures instructed in these respective languages."


How can I now add automatic captions for Spanish and Portuguese?


Thank you,


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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @Tracey276 English, Spanish, and Portuguese auto-generated captions will be generated for new courses in these respective languages after the course has been submitted to our review team for approval. If your course is in English, you get English Auto-generated captions/ If your course is in Spanish, you get Spanish Auto-generated captions.


So, you'll need to create the captions on your end if you'll like to have captions in another language .For more information on how to do this, please click here. Instructors can still upload and use captions they’ve created for the course, and these captions will be utilized instead of the auto-generated captions. For steps on how to do this, please refer to this article.


Hope this helps!

Eliana Cerna

Udemy Community 

Hi @ElianaC and @Bella . This question comes up every now and then and as I was looking into adding captions in foreign languages to my courses it managed to confuse me as well.

Here's the issue:

There are a ton of courses on Udemy, in English, that have captions in five or more different languages.

When you look at the captions they all say [Auto].

For example English [Auto], Spanish[Auto], French [Auto]...

So what it seems is that all those captions were generated automatically by udemy in all those languages for an English course.

When I follow this link which is where moderators commonly referred to when people ask about adding foreign language captions this is what it says:

"Currently, the captioning program is limited to generating English captions for English content only. But if you wish, you can add auto-generated captions in other languages."

So the link title sounds promising, "auto-generating captions in other languages"

But then the link takes you to a tutorial on how to upload your own not auto-generated captions.


I also have a course (in English) where I fully uploaded my own captions in English and the captions language in the course landing page does not have the [Auto] next to it. 


So there's a ton of confusion and weirdness around this, while trying to find a answer I found the exact same question asked in this community over and over again and there is no clear answer.

- So if all those English courses added their own captions for other languages why do those languages show up with the [Auto] next to them?

- The phrasing of the link I just quoted is misleading, or has Udemy used to support this feature and stopped but forgot to update the phrasing of this link?

- Or does Udemy autogenerate captions to a subset of languages for particular but not all courses and the moderators simply can't discuss it here?

I just want to get a clarification.

Thanks again.


Thanks, Eliana.  I had the same question.  I see screenshots of courses with auto-generated captions in multiple languages.  How did they add multiple languages - sounds like you're saying our courses can only have one language.  Thanks

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