Can i use the udemy coupon in an ad ?

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Can i use the udemy coupon in an ad ?

Once I published a course can I use a instructor coupon in an online ad, so when they click the link they see the discounted price and i get the 97% revenue share ? 

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Yes, but very difficult to make a good return on investment. 


It is about $10 to get a new student from ads and  you make around that. 


If you can upsell and sell more courses it would be worth it, or you want to grow social proof, sales to kickstart Udemy promo engine or similar it would maybe make sense. 


Thor Pedersen - IT , Project Management, and Cyber Security trainer

Im hoping to get my acquisition cost below $5 but I will have too see what works. I know the target audience and am providing a high quality course with 15+ hours of content. Most of the courses in my space are only 2-3 hours and even some of the best lack quality in the audio or visual parts. 

It would not be worth it unless it is an ad you can get under a $1. Otherwise, if 5% purchase after clicking the ad then you are in the red after getting your Udemy check. I have done Google Ads, Facebook ads, and a YouTube ad for my more expensive courses elsewhere. They were close to a loss even though I had great click through to the sales page on my tracking. Udemy offers an ad program that is far better because you do not risk your own money. 


YouTube brings me the most traffic to my Udemy course and it is free.  

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Don't forget that each student that DOES buy becomes a student you can sell to again.


Let's use some sample math to see if it works. Let's assume you run paid ads to a $19.99 course and that your CPC is $0.50. We will also assume 1000 clicks in a month (at a cost of $500).


1000 clicks = $500 in ad fees

2% conversion rate = 20 sales

20 sales x $19.39 = $387.80


Assume 25% of those 20 new students buys ANOTHER $19.99 course from you through your link in your bonus lecture the following month:


5 sales x $19.39 = $96.95

Assume 1 of those 5 buys a third course:


1 sale x $19.39 = $19.39




Orignal ad cost: $500

Original sales:    $388

Initial repeat sales:  $97

Later sales: $19


Total Ad Spend: $500

Total Revenue: $504


Those numbers are all reachable.  Even if not entirely profitable, a paid ad campaign, when run properly, can help drive sales and grow your student base.



Where are you placing these ads? My 3rd & 4th quarter 2019 average CPC for Google Ads was $2.33 in the U.S. for online courses.

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My Facebook ad price is the same as yours. Google is always far more expensive. I am low comp so I have good pricing. I had my friends that own a large marketing company help me set it all up. I no longer use Facebook for my type of courses since my students aren't the type to waste time having accounts there I've learned. 

Google hasn't went for under a dollar a click since I ran ads in 2012. 

Hi Thor

I have just recently joined and do have a question I couldn't find exactly in the T&C of compensation.

Are you able to confirm with me the actual perecentage that Udemy takes per course enrolled?


Many Thanks



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