Commission Rate Is A Joke

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Commission Rate Is A Joke

It's pretty crazy how terrible the commission rate is on this site. I know you guys want to make money, but taking 75% plus the android store fees is absolutely ridiculous. I'm legit getting $1 for some of my sales. Out of 107 students this month, I average $4 per student. Like c'mon guys that is almost robbery for the amount of time and hours we put into creating these courses.


I don't understand the rational behind these really terrible commission rates. If anything, we instructors should be getting the bulk of the sales since, you know, we provide all the content that brings in the students.

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While I am not going to disagree with you, you should have known this going into Udemy.

This is how it works, there are many posts saying it, it has been like this for many years.

I actually think average $ per sale is up this year with the pricing changes. 


I think it really has 2 choices:

  • Does your topic have enough students for Udemy to be viable?
  • Do you want to do marketing and drive students to your own hosting at a higher pricepoint?

At this point, I don't want to drive students and I get enough students, I will accept paying Udemy for bringing the students. 

Thor Pedersen - IT , Project Management, and Cyber Security trainer
Storyteller Storyteller

@Thor is it very hard if we drive students to our course in order to earn 97% commission. Please help I am about to publish very soon 


I wish I came out with that, I usually end up with $3. Which I would be able to balance out with sales if the rating system were better (like a single review pulls down a course and you have to wait for more 5 stars to come in to balance out the bad review because all the 5 stars from the last year are not counted in anymore and so and such).

So I suppose we all have our pet peeves here on Udemy 😉


The reality is: All established platforms that take a commission and make their decisions do not depend on individual instructors. There are tons of instructors everywhere. If they all left a platform something would change. But that will never happen.


With prices it's a race to the bottom everywhere and on a large scale that won't change either. At the same time the individual effort and time is valued less, also by students, as we can often tell from the reviews. Few think about the incredible work that went into these videos. Many expect that paying $10 will buy them exactly what they were looking for. And some might get nasty if their personal expectations are not met, no matter how unrealistic they are.


So you spent half a day on 3 minutes of your 10 hours course - will you get paid for it? Only if you manage to sell masses. Will anybody see it, care about it, appreciate it? Probably not. Maybe very few people, who maybe have done something like that before and can imagine what it takes.

So, the baseline is that you should really have some fun creating those courses, otherwise you'll get depressed. Or you are lucky enough to know and be able to present a topic well that tons of people are willing to buy and you don't have top notch competition.


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