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After having a look through some of the helpful guides on udemy for first time instrcutor and course creators.

I can't find a single niche in cooking that is a viable option to persue.

It either falls under saturation or not enough market demand with the top instructors in the niches that are not generating about $250 a month at the absolute MOST.

Would it be best for a multi platform approach based on your experience?

For example launch courses on Udemy, skillshare and teachable for example.

Provide a course on udemy for each specific niche within the cooking sector and also branch out to these others platforms?

Sorry guys i am a bit lost, i understand the main benefits of udemy is that you do not have to do your own promotion although it is highly recommended that you do to have the success that yu hope for by building an email list and your own audience seperate from udemy.


I just don't want to throw out a line and for it to land in a puddle and not a lake if that makes sense.


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On the bright side, it's great that you identified this challenge early.

Since presumably Udemy for Business doesn't plan on offering cooking courses, you do have the freedom to distribute your course on all the platforms you want to. The ones you listed are reputable and there's no reason not to do that.

You may find that certain platforms do better for different topics. I teach technical topics, and Udemy is my biggest revenue generator by an order of magnitude. But other platforms specialize in lifestyle skills such as cooking. If it's a crowded market on Udemy however, it's likely to be just as crowded elsewhere.

We could rant about how the glut of content creators in general on the Internet has exploded in recent years, making it really hard to find a new audience. YouTubers are feeling this too. But it's the reality we have to contend with. One strategy to consider is "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em." Can you identify popular cooking instructors who you might be able to team up with, and co-produce a course with? That could give you the initial jolt of students you need to build upon for your subsequent, independently-produced courses. Are there popular YouTubers or podcasters in the cooking space who might promote your course in exchange for an interview or something? That might be another way to leverage an existing audience as a way to start building your own.

Yes that is true, best to know this early instead of finding it out later, i have identified some other platforms to launch courses on aswell as Udemy, but can't find any that have a focus on lifestyle skills over technical.

Care to point me in the right direction?

So far i have skillshare, udemy, skillsuccess, and a new platform that's in beta called tabletwise.

@Timmyc wrote:

... a new platform that's in beta called tabletwise.

Is this company fiable? They just contacted me


Many thanks in advance

Not viable no only other I know of is uthena and a Chinese one that isn't launched yet but is basically a skillshare rip off.

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