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Course Category not available???

Hello. Newbie to Udemy here. 

I am hoping to write a number of courses. Most are about "woodworking". When clicking on the drop-down box to select a Category there are none specific to "woodworking". The only options lead to "Lifestyle" "Personal Development" or "Design" but then those subcategory lead to subcategories not very close to "woodworking". When searching the Udemy site for existing courses using "woodworking" there are many courses those are under various Categories. 

Is it possible to request a Category of "woodworking" be added to the drop-down list???

Thanks, in advance,



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Hi @DoorCountyRustic,


When you are unable to find a topic that is appropriate for your course in our list of topics, you can suggest one. To do this,


  • Go to your course management page under What is primarily taught in your course?
  • If the topic you type doesn’t automatically populate, you can still enter the topic you wish to propose in the dropdown menu.
  • Once you’ve entered your suggestion, click “Propose new topic” just below the text field. Please note that in order to propose a new topic that doesn't already exist in our system, you will need to change your profile language to English first. 
  • After doing this, you should see your proposed topic appear in the primary topic section:


Some additional guidelines:

  • Please only propose a topic that meets the criteria for the topic of your course. The word or phrase that reflects the majority of what you are teaching in your course curriculum.
  • Please limit your topic to a short word or phrase rather than a sentence or paragraph.
  • Please do not include URLs.

We consider a number of factors before adding topics to our list. Current supply, demand, and mutual exclusivity of the concept, all factor into whether a topic will be approved. Topics that could be approved at a later date are stored and re-evaluated periodically.


Feel free to contact the Instructor Support team if you have any further questions, they'll be happy to help! 😊


Bella Almeida

Udemy Community

Idem. Gostaria das categoria "concursos públicos" e da categoria "vestibulares".

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