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Dear Sir/madam


I a m a new member of the Udemy  Instructors panel.I think it is better to introduce myself first.


I am A.L.M.Ameer,an author ,Chartered Quantity Surveyor,Arbitrator and Certified Construction Auditor.I am now retired after working as a Quantity Surveyor for 40 years in all construction environments.


With such a background,I am preparing four courses to  teach or market through  Udemy as follows:

1. Masters Course in Construction Management and Auditing

This course is not available in world Universities.It is pending to be tapped by global Universities for decades,if not a century.

The global potential for the course can be in millions per year.

I have completed the course in excess of 300,000 words as follows:




MODULES                                                                             1- 116                             i- ix

LESSON PLANS  FOR  LECTURE HOURS                 -  200  NOS.                  1 -154

LECTURE NOTES                                                             -  200  NOS.               155-817

ASSIGNMENT    TOPICS                                                -  100  NOS.              818- 828                     

DETAILS  OF ASSIGNMENTS          .                            -     12  NOS.              829-830

ASSIGNMENT  NOTES                                                   -     12 NOS.                831-907

TUTORIALS    WITH  ANSWERS                                  -     50 NOS             908-1085

MODEL FINAL EXAMINATION QUESTIONS            –     15  N0S.           1086-1090

MODEL ANSWERS TO  FINAL QUESTIONS             --      3 NOS.            1091-1099

Total  words :  300,419


           Author, Chartered Surveyor, Arbitrator & Certified Construction Auditor

ISBN: 978-624-97812-5-2         

Please listen my brief talk in the You Tube-

How To Make  Billions of Dollars Through Higher Education         on  03.09.2021 

A.L.M.Ameer-All about Quantity Surveying.


I want to market this course to Universities by Udemy.


The other three courses are under preparation and to be lectured by me at Udemy. The details are as follows:    

1.How to be successful at Quantity Surveyor Interviews -  3 lectures of 20 minutes duration each.

2. Learners Course for Technical Auditing of Constructions. 12 lectures of 20 minutes duration each.

3. Certificate Course in Quantity Surveying -  80 Lectures with total duration of around 50 hours.


I would like to have your valuable advice.


Thanking You







3 Replies
Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @A.L.M.Ameer430 Welcome to the community! Good luck in your course creation process... wish you the best! 



Dear Madam

Please inform me how to upload the course 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @A.L.M.Ameer430, happy to help!


First, you will need to become an instructor. Becoming an instructor on Udemy is as easy as creating a course and publishing it! (Okay, there are a few more steps than that, but it's pretty straightforward.) When logged into your account on, click on "Become an Instructor". Once you're in your instructor view, go to your Courses page and click on 'New course'


Our minimum requirements for a course are that it contains at least 30 minutes of video content contained within at least 5 lectures.


Here are some great resources regarding course creation:



Let me know if you have any other questions! 😊


Bella Almeida

Udemy Community

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