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I connected my udemy account to payoneer, however they won't let me into my account anymore due to the 2 factor authentication. The phone number has been disabled long time ago. When I contact payoneer, they sent me emails regarding resetting my password. Even if I do that, I can change the password, however the 2 factor authentication will not let me in. They are so hard to connect to, since I need to log into my account, to contact them, which I cannot. So I cannot contact them in the first place, it is frustrating. So I created a new payoneer account, but I need to disconnect the old one in udemy. However that is not possible either. It always connects to the old payoneer account.


Please help.



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Hey @AlexanderFell, please contact instructorsupport@udemy.com for further assistance. They're best equipped to provide you more details about this!

Recently I can see there are lots of complaints about Payoneer. They have very lazy (to say the least) customer service. They wont understand what is the real issue. And I am getting different emails/responses from different people from same payoneer support. They even do not know what is going on inside payoneer for same account. There is huge communication gap between customer and payoneer and inside payoneer itself. 


For example this one I got on January 1, 2021, where support is telling me they are releasing my udemy and other accounts from Payoneer so that I can apply for new payoneer account. But ironically I have already applied for new account on December 14 on their advise. see next images for proof:

But before that I got this email on December 28, 2020 


Before that I got an email on December 14, 2020 



It is more than 20-25 days, but it seems there is lot of fuss at payoneer side. But no real solution. 







Dear @Sijal_Ahmed ,


Oh, I am very much surprised that Payoneer support actually replied. I just got standard emails on their costumer care email ID, stating that the customer care does not take care of customers and they will not respond to emails on this email address (a guy named Dan is writing those automated emails).


I also wrote in their forum, but my message was not published and I have been warned by their moderators, as my message was not according to their policies and that I should contact them through the contact us website, which I already did for 3 months or so.


In the end I had success by contacting them through Facebook and telling them all the reference numbers of my monologue with Payoneer's "contact us" send-us-a-message service. Fortunately I kept those emails, which came from their computers and a noreply@payoneer.com address, so that nobody has a chance for a follow up. They dated back till September 2020. After contacting them on Facebook, it took around a week to finally deactivated Payoneer's 2FA  for me.


In either way, I think payoneer is highly unprofessional and would stay away from them, no matter how cheap they are.



Hey @MariaG ,


just as an update: Udemy cannot disconnect Payoneer from Udemy. In the mail exchange Udemy said, that Payoneer has to do it and Payoneer said, that Udemy has to do it. In the end, I have no idea, who can do it.


Anyway it has been solved by now as IU have regained access to my account. But I would highly suggest to find another payment service apart from Paypal as Payoneer seems to be quite unreliable.




'Payoneer seems to be quite unreliable'


They should partner.




In my case, payoneer did disconnect udemy and other services from their end. This is what email says. This clearly shows, udemy cannot do it. Even in the first place, you had connected payoneer with udemy and not vice versa. 


Their service was great for the years, but all of sudden, they asked me different verifications. But rejected all documents which were accepted previously. 


For example for last three months I am living in another rented house. While at the time for registration for payoneer in Jan 2018, I was living in another house and I submitted that house lease/rent agreement. Now they are saying two contradicting things:

1. Submit same address as was mentioned on  rental agreement when you had registered for this account. 

2. It should be current. In other words if you are living in this address in last three months. 


I am totally lost that how I can fulfil these two conditions. It is highly illogical. This is might be due to mess inside payoneer. Seems like nobody knows what is happening inside payoneer. 


Moreover, their response time is very very very slow. After weeks you will get one dis-oriented reply and when you reply them back, you dont hear any thing. Like udemy they said us automated email saying that our concern are registered and this is your ticket number. And they follow up within minimum time. But this is not the case at Payoneer. No record, no ticket number, no assurance, no time limit etc. 


@Abbie May be udemy talk to them to expedite the process. As on official level from that giant company like udemy, they might think about it or may be hear us. 


But at the moment things are helpless and hopeless. 



Hi @Sijal_Ahmed 


We're sorry to read you've had difficult experiences getting support from Payoneer. We do our best to help instructors get assistance from Payoneer when there's something we can't do on your behalf, but of course, there are some things only the Payoneer team can handle.


We'll keep your feedback in mind as we continue our partnership with Payoneer, and as we explore student and instructor payment methods.  


Right now their support them is heavily disorganized and they give contradictory statements to each other. For example in one email they would say, they wont accept bank statement as proof of residence and but on the very next email they say, they will only accept bank statement as proof of residence. So this is very much horrible to talk to them, let alone to get the issue resolved. 


Worst thing is that, they will promise you 3 days to resolve a ticket. But when it is not done, and you call them, they will say, 

Sir, it will take 5-7 business days. So for same company email says 3 business days, and on call they would tell you some thing else. 


Thing is that whatever they want to do, get it done in 2-3 day max and get things on one side. Either Yes or No in a straight forward way

Dear Sijal Ahmed,


Here is what I did: A few months ago I sent a message through their contact form, which was replied with by an automated reply. Then a month ago I did it again. In the meantime I contacted them through facebook. After a few days the facebook message was replied with a question asking for the ticket numbers (they cannot even relate ticket numbers to customer IDs or email IDs, which I gave them, since their automated facebook chat bot asked for it). I send them all and the issue was resolved again after a few days.


That being said, I think that payoneer is extremely hard to contact. Account related issues cannot be discussed in their forum, their form just punches out automated replies based on their topic. Their "contact us" sends customer back to the beginning of the help article collection, the live support closes the channel immediately and if it is not available, it does not even say, when it is. I have not found even a phone number nor a postal address? But maybe I just got too irritated to be send around in circles by their non-existent customer care (o 1 man army).


I am curious, what happens, if they owe money to me.



Yesterday person on call said, my documents are under review. Today person on call said, they did not receive those documents. I dont know what is happening there! 

@MariaG  One interesting thing that happened with them and I wanted to share with community.

I am living in rented house and they asked me utility bill of rented house along with rent agreement. Which I provided them. But as usual it went in infinite loop of revision. 

On call support team said, Sir the last name on utility bill (of rented house) is not matching with that of yours. I was like What! Smiley Very HappySmiley Wink 

Can you disconnect your udemy account from payoneer? 

I can see it in the payoneer account under Activity -> Funding Sources. But I cannot delete it, just checking the activities, if I got something from Udemy.

For few months, if you check review sites, you can see they have increased number of unsatisfied customers. Specially in December I guess they have broke the record of negative reviews. 

For example : Reviews

Interesting reviews. The bad reviews complain about the same thing most of the times related to account verification. My account with Payoneer is fine at the moment, but somehow I suspect that it suddenly won't, once it comes to money to be payed out. Since I am new to Udemy, that has not happened yet. I think, it would be better to change to Paypal for the time being. It is probably better to pay the higher fees, but at least to get some money. My trust for payoneer is towards 0 at the moment. Paypal is slightly above that.

Finally got my account approved with limited functionality. I will share complete story so that others can be benefited, in a separate post. 

Congratulations! 🙂

Let's see, if they also pay you. I just shifted to paypal. It is too risky for my taste.

I was being paid for last 3 years without any issues. 


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