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First time to create an online course

Hello Instructors, My Query- is it right to create an Udemy course on self realization..? I'm 18 and I've discovered the short journey of self realization.. What Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, and other great sages knew and all religion from it's origin trying to provide!

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Hi @ShubhamKumar ,

Welcome to Udemy. My view on creating Udemy courses is to make sure it is something you know about, something you know you can answer students questions on. Obviously, from time to time people ask questions you might have to research, but generally you want to have much more knowledge of the subject than what you are teaching.

I feel that it is important to be able to state what makes you an expert/gives you authority on the subject, why should people learn from you?

It is also important to be teaching because you want to teach what you are teaching, rather than because you want to make money. That doesn't mean you don't want to make money, but the money isn't guaranteed whereas the teaching is, so it is better to focus on the fact you want to share knowledge you have to share.

I look at things as what is the worst-case scenario? Here, that would likely be that no-one takes your course, or that people give it a low rating. If your course has good structure, good audio, video, lighting and delivers what it says it will deliver then it should do fine. If you were concerned about your age in relation to what you are teaching then I would bring this up in the description and introduction, stating why you feel students should learn from you and make your introduction and free lectures really count.

All the best


Hi ShubhamKumar ;


Welcome to our community and accecpt my warmest congratulations!


It's my honor to help you to create your best course.

I'm ready to help you to create great courses or increase the quality of your teaching.

The most important matters in teaching are:

1-Enjoy the teaching!

2-Consider you are teaching to children so say everything in depth and in simple language!

3-Try diffrent methods to delivery your concept.

4- Be expert in your field of teaching.


For recording :


1- You can use something like this:

but i'm using external sound card for connecting my microphone.

2-For better quality of your voice you can use Audacity Software and use it's noise reduction filter so the result is great.

3- For capturing your screen you can use : BB flashback pro.It;s really great app.

5- In addition you can send your test video to Udemy review team they are great and will help you a lot and also you can post your video here so we can help you.

6-Also you can use Udemy help center with great topics in this link:


7-Open My courses so there is few great Udemy free courses for how to create your course.

8- Don't worry anymore just focus on your recording and do your best.

Remeber this: practice make perfect.


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First-time course creation
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