GST Implication for India

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GST Implication for India

** This is only applicable to India based instructors***


Hi Team,


I couldn't find relevant forum topic, so posting under this. 


As per Indian law, Udemy deduct 18% GST from Indian student and rest is shared as per revenue model.


Now as per Indian law, as sell of udemy course comes under eCommerce category and we are suppose to pay GST for all Indian students (not applicable to student from other countries) enrollment (money collected), now there are 2 ways to pay up.


- Pay 18% on you income.

- Show proof that Udemy has already collected and paid that amount to Indian government, so we don't have to pay. 


Now second point sounds more logical, as Udemy has already paid tax and I wouldn't want to pay the same tax again from my pocket.




Indian authorities needs proof of tax collected by Udemy (and paid to Indian government), but I dont see that the doc is available directly to us. and I have raised a ticket but I think it will go in longer loop.


So is there anyone who can guide us on how to get the GST document from Udemy? 


@Mods this is not tax advisory, this is standard doc which we need from Udemy to show it our tax authorities.

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@CA_Abhishek Consider this as 2 partners running a business and have 1 GST number. After every sale of item they deduct 18% GST and whatever amount left they devide amoung themselves (percentage based revenue share)

Please refer my comment on your reply containing gst number of Udemy. I don't know how to share link of particular reply. I hope you may get idea what I'm trying to convey.

This is getting very confusing now.


@CA_Abhishek  Can you summarize your understanding in a short summary? that should be helpful.

Please check my first reply to this post, I have already summarised my understanding step wise. Just update is Udemy india providing service to indian students and I guess similarly Udemy might have registered in all countries w.r.t. gst/sales tax is concerned. But it doesn't matter to you as you are separate legal entity distinct from Udemy and hence all tax provisions will apply to you as well.

@LearnAnywhe151 This we talked about individual purchases. How about earnings from UFB ? For that we don't know how much we earn from Indian Companies.

I am sorry, but I don't know what UFB stand for or what is means? Further I would recommend you to take consultancy as you first have to explain me your doubts, show me documents supporting your doubts, and I have to study the same and then I would be able to give you fair advice. 

Hi Everyone,


We got mail from udemy saying, we(Instructors) have contract only with udemy inc (US) and nothing to do with Udemy India. Although few question remain answered, We will assume we can close with this.



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