Hi! I am Snehal..

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Hi! I am Snehal..


This platform is absolutely new to me.. Infact I never thought of teaching online.. But this could be a very good thing.. I am Snehal Mishra from India, here to talk about in various unique topics that could interest and educate a learner to the fullest.. 

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Hi @Snehal_Mishra2 ,

Great to see you here. There are plenty of posts in the community, you can use the 'search community' box to search for things before asking any questions as you may find the question you have may already have been answered. You can also find helpful information on the Teach on Udemy section (https://teach.udemy.com/) and it is worth taking the courses by the Udemy Instructors Team (https://www.udemy.com/user/udemymanager/)

I look forward to seeing your posts as you reach different milestones.

All the best




Welcome to our community and accecpt my warmest congratulations!


It's my honor to help you to create your best course.

I'm ready to help you to create great courses or increase the quality of your teaching.

The most important matters in teaching are:

1-Enjoy the teaching!

2-Consider you are teaching to children so say everything in depth and in simple language!

3-Try diffrent methods to delivery your concept.

4- Be expert in your field of teaching.


For recording :


1- You can use something like this:


but i'm using external sound card for connecting my microphone.

2-For better quality of your voice you can use Audacity Software and use it's noise reduction filter so the result is great.

3- For capturing your screen you can use : BB flashback pro.It;s really great app.

5- In addition you can send your test video to Udemy review team they are great and will help you a lot and also you can post your video here so we can help you.

6-Also you can use Udemy help center with great topics in this link:



7-Open My courses so there is few great Udemy free courses for how to create your course.

8- Don't worry anymore just focus on your recording and do your best.

Remember this: practice make perfect.


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Community Champion

Welcome to the platform. Everything you need to learn how to create your course is at this link https://teach.udemy.com/  It's definitely worth spending a bit of time reading and watching all the material. Good Luck and keep us posted where you are up to. 


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