Hi everyone! Could please review a sample of my course?

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Hi everyone! Could please review a sample of my course?


I am translating one of my courses from Spanish to English. I would like to know if my level of English is acceptable to teach on Udemy. I am worried that the students will give me negative reviews because of my pronunciation and accent, and my average score as a teacher will drop significantly.
What do you think?

Here's the video: https://youtu.be/RTdlFqzh5Ss

Thank you all very much!

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I cannot comment on behalf of students and mislead you. I would suggest uploading a course in English from a separate account and gauge the market. If it works well link the two accounts else stick to your strengths. You may check the teaching center resources for how to manage two accounts. Hopefully this helps. All the best!

Hi Cristina,

It's difficult - your pronunciation is fine. The accent is noticeable, but I suspect that, when students go through the course, they will get used to it. Sometimes end of words get either swallowed up by the next word.

One thing that is noticeable is that you have odd emphasis on words or syllables that normally aren't emphasized, and that can feel a bit disconcerting for me when that happens. However, that might just be me.

The content of the video is good, and I enjoyed it.

I suggest that you either try releasing it and see what happens, or you hire someone for a few hours to overdub it in an English/American accent.

I hope that helps.



Hey @PhillipBurton 


Your willingness to help others, not just with a comment or reply but by actually going through their course, is very inspiring Phillip. I quickly clicked on your profile and saw that you have a YouTube channel. 


I couldn't but think that I might be able to help you with your YouTube channel. And I personally need some help with questions concerning Udemy so I thought this might be a nice exchange.


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Hope to hear from you, let's grow together and educate each other,



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