How about Udemy's own Video and sound editing software?

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How about Udemy's own Video and sound editing software?

Hello all, 


Hope you have all adjusted to new community, I am still searching for things, will get there with your support.


So, I have been thinking of having our own Udemy Video editing tool, let's say U-Edit.


I am sure it'll not be a herculean task for our technical team to develop such software, even it is, I insist to have one.


Let's explore some advantages of Udemy's software:


1) Instructors will save a hell lot of money.

2) We can customise it in such a way that videos can be directly sent to curriculum page.

3) New instructors can be provided with lots of help for video editing, in fact, we should have one course tailormade for using U-edit like for other editing softwares.

4) Instructors can have ready to use royalty free images within the software and other stuff which save time and money for new and part time instructors like me. Am I frugal?


But on the downside:


1) As this will cost Udemy a lot, instuctors should not be allowed to use U-edit outside Udemy, which will be difficult to monitor. Although, every video rendered should be made to have Udemy Logo, still something to worry about.

2) Not be so useful for Veterans of Udemy.


Feel free to tear apart my idea or admire or appraise it, I just wanted to debut.


Yeahhhhhhhhhh, I have just started in New Udemy Community.


Love you all.....




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Community Champion

There are so many options out there, both free and paid, I don't think Udemy is interested in being in the software development biz. It would be very expensive and really bring little value to Udemy itself. One thing that might work is for Udemy to get an association with a current software manufacturer and offer discounts for being an instructor. 

Greg Reverdiau - Airplane and Drone Training

Well, you are right, Udemy can partner with Adobe or Camtatia etc.

I know, why to build a new software, but this will be similar to our new community move. We were having a home at other platform but it feels great to have one of our own.

I agree with Greg. I use Adobe Premiere for editing. I very seriously doubt that Udemy could do a better job of developing a video editing product. I would much rather they spend their time and resources on marketing our courses. That is how they add value.

Lawrence M. Miller

Adobe Premier $20/Month (Approx)

Assume an instructor require it for 3 Month in a year ($60/Instructor)

Assume 2000 courses in next 3years ($120000) 

Break-Even in three years.

By this time You might have realised I am engineer, our work depends many times on assumptions.

Just Kidding, you are right.


Actually, I use Adobe Premiere Elements. It does everything I need. Lots of transitions, fads, unlimited levels, complete color and light control, etc. It costs about $80 U.S. with no monthly payments. I recommend it.


Lawrence M. Miller
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