How should I gain more students for the first video I've created

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How should I gain more students for the first video I've created

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Hello. I've published my first video and one month has passed but I've got only one student.

I'm wondering if I've made the wrong topic that not many people will buy the course in the first place. 


I've actually looked through the "Market place insights" where "WordPress Plugin" topic was high on Student demand and also the number of courses. Median Monthly revenue is $18 and the Top monthly revenue is $367. Did I mischoice the topic? Or do I need to advertise with my own to increase my students? 

Or if the quality of the video is the problem, can anyone give me any advice to make the video better? I've worked on the intro video but maybe the taste wasn't attractive.


Here's the course that I've created


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Was able to access this link. Thanx a lot

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Hello. Thank you for giving me good information about the first month that not much action will happen.

I thought that it is quite difficult that recently most of the category already has a mega-hit course and most of the category is in a monopoly situation. Students will choose the mega-hit courses.

The course developers are specializing in that course, and they cannot move on to a different category because the course developers cannot teach a not specialized topic.

So, maybe we have to face on mega-hit courses if we are specialized in that category and can teach only on that material. 

This can be a dilemma of finding a topic that can earn students.


But thank you very much for your advice!! It helped me a lot!


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Increasing student enrollment is one of the toughest parts of being an instructor on Udemy. I published my first course in 2015 and I'm now just hitting 115,000 students. You really need to study and learn everything you can about SEO and keyword placement.  Both of these have to do with how your course will place in the student's search results.


You need at least 5 reviews to get rated and that's something else you have to understand.


A lot of instructors will tell you to stay away from handing out free coupons because of the grief it brings with dealing with trolls and bad reviews and there is some truth to it but if your course is not rated, don't expect any enrollment when the next course in the search results shows an overall rating of 4.6. This is where you need to start.  Get the reviews and get your course rated. 


Join Facebook groups that focus on Udemy instructors and courses. Once you join, post your coupons.  If you're in it for the money, that will follow once you do all the leg work but it takes a well-thought-out plan. You have to learn everything you can about how to get your course listed in the top ten search results and how to increase your student enrollment.


If it were me and I was posting my first course on Udemy I would do exactly what I did in 2015, send out free coupons to all parts of the universe and not worry about making any money until the dust settled and I had my first 2500, 5000 and then 10,000 enrollments.  Those are milestones that I set for my first course and within the first couple of days, I had over 2500 students. That got me my 4.7 course rating and I was shooting to the top of the search results with a bullet. In my first month, I made $53.00, and the next month I made $276.00 and so on but...I had to do the research and figure out how to play the Udemy game. 


This strategy worked for me but I wasn't focused on the money, I was focused on getting students enrolled, getting a good course rating, and getting listed on the first page of search results. As I said, the money followed. 


I now have 12 good money makers on Udemy and I still hand out free coupons for any new course. When you have over 115,000 students and 20% of those tell their friends and family and post the coupon on some coupon site, my enrollment numbers shoot up 20-30k every time and I have no regrets. New students have lots of questions, 6 or more a day but you need to be proactive and answer the questions to the best of your ability.  I get one bad review out of a hundred or more 4 and 5-star reviews. Three days later it's buried so deep no one cares. That's what the high enrollment numbers do for you, they quickly negate any 1 star or bad reviews.


My next enrollment milestone is 200,000 but remember, I started with a single enrollment like everyone at Udemy. The difference is I had a plan going in so build a plan, set your milestones and the money will follow.


Hope this helps!



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Hello, thank you for your advice. 

I also thought that giving out free coupons will gain low stars, but the idea is the opposite. Do you think that pasting free coupons on YouTube will increase the students? There are some people who think positively and others not. But not only YouTube but I should paste the coupon more in different places also.

Some people say that the very first video will not be good on the quality itself,  so go on to the next video for making and experience more on the creation part rather than gaining students on the first course. Do you change the places on the first video like a retake section or create additional sections to make it longer to make the first video better?

I thought of this because you never know your quality of how high it is before getting stars and ratings. Even if you give efforts to gain students in the first video, if the students don't come because of the quality in the first place,  the effort will be worthless. In that way, some people have another suggestion to make more and more courses even if you didn't receive students in the first video, but try to improve becoming a good teacher and making good videos.


But when I see your advice, I thought that there are ways to earn students on the first course. So like adding sections a couple of hours more or retake the places that you don't like can make the quality better and better. Parallel to that, giving out coupons will increase the students and the good rating.


So simply saying

1. Add more sections and retake to make the first video better and better.

2. Give out free coupons more and more to earn students and the ratings.


will be the direction to earn more students for the first video, as you are saying.

And also about the SEO and changing title will be the marketing part that can be improved.


Thank you very much for your advice!! I am learning more about Udemy of how to handle the course!!   This will help me improve my course marketing skill!!

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Hello, after I've given out free coupons on Facebook, I've got more than 10000 free students + 7 rating average of 4.5. That is good! I think that using a free coupon worth it.

Thank you very much for your advice!! Now, I must try on the paid type of students for marketing.

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@KazukiGreat tips! thank you. If you still have free coupon then please share with me.


btw, have you tried paid marketing, is it working?

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