How to Select the Best Course?

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How to Select the Best Course?

Dear Friends,


Greetings! I am new to Udemy.

When I select a course what all factors I should keep in mind. 

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Hi @TapaswiniPathy 


Are you wanting to take a course on Udemy? If so, please keep in mind that this community is for instructors and more focused in course creation topics.


Here's a link that can help you with this if you're referring to learning as a student:


If you have any additional questions, you can contact and the student support team will gladly assist you!

If you're planning on creating a course, this is the best place to start!

Dear @MariaG 

Thanks for your reply but it does not solve my query.

First thing is that I know this is the community is for the instructor and there is no confusion in it as it is a basic thing to know before joining any community.

My question was clear, let me clarify once again.

As an Instructor when I start my first topic than are there any tips before selecting the topic for course?

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hello @TapaswiniPathy 

You can take a look at the following post about what you should consider when choosing a topic:
You can also find Udemy's teaching center article helpful!


Thanks for your reply

It did appear as if you were speaking from a students perspective, since you asked for advice upon selecting a course - not developing one.  We select a topic - which you rectified only in your elaboration.


When asking a quesiton, particularly of this nature, it's important to consider peoples perspectives, rather than play the defensive, especially when those perspectives are well founded....Smiley Wink

Hi! @TapaswiniPathy 

I hope that you are very well. Welcome to you and Udemy Community!!! 🌹🌹🌹🌹

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Kazi Harun-or-Rashid

Thanks for your reply.

Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

Your question was not clear to me at all, now that you have elaborated on it I would suggest this:

  • Find the skills you are better than 95% of the population and that you are able to teach and explain in detail. (I did a large Excel sheet, I ranked my ability, market, demand, competition, how complex the topic was and so on).
  • How good are the courses for those topics, can you do better (be honest)?
  • Is there a market, is there demand?

Thor Pedersen - IT , Project Management, and Cyber Security trainer

Hello 👋🏾 @TapaswiniPathy Welcome... 

From my experience I have found that if you make a list of your five top issues that you have faced in life, those can ultimately become a positive way to begin with.  

Also when you start you Course production... Udemy walks you through a pre-course questionnaire which preps you. 


T.R. Healing
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