How to define your target audience?

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Community Manager

How to define your target audience?

Before you start creating your course content, it is important to dedicate some time to think about who your intended learners are.


A few simple questions can help you do this:

  • Who are they?
  • Where are they?
  • What do they need?
  • What are their goals or challenges?
  • Why do they need it?


Having a good definition of your target audience will help you improve your marketing strategies, such as:

  • Developing a language and identity that is in line with your audience;
  • Creating your learning objectives
  • Defining your communication channels;
  • Producing relevant content for your target audience;
  • Knowing how and when to offer promotions;


Learners are more engaged and motivated when courses are tailored to their specific interests. Keeping your audience in mind when creating your course will be essential to its success on Udemy.


For more guidance, learn more about how to define your audience in this article and

How to gain potential students before you publish! 


Already a published instructor? Contribute to this discussion by answering:

How did you define your target audience? What are the advantages of doing this?

18 Replies

That was helpful, thanks....

Community Manager
Community Manager

Glad to hear that this information was helpful to you @RoyChambers395! Thanks for the feedback and best of luck with your course!😊

I love this 😍

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks @Babarinde Olumide ! All the best with your course!

Thank you Bella, I thought long and hard about this point, before releasing my first course.

l tought what l gennarly teach to all beginner students who come to me to learn the Tabla drum, as l thought it is a good place to start as my next crouse will be learning a specific rhythm with all its developments. This rhythm is one of the most popular rhythms played in Indian music. I am about to release this part 2 course in December and hope that Tabla students enjoy it.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @MendiSingh it is definitely an important part of the course creation process! Knowing who your students are and how to meet their needs and showcase the value of your course is key. Well done for taking your time to figure this out and best of luck with your new course in December! 😊

happpuy Christmastt and NEw Taeaching yeahhr.....



If there is no one who thinks clearly about these issues, then the course positioning submitted by him will be ambiguous. Without clear positioning, there will be no pain point, no corresponding demand, and no corresponding market. In fact, we should think about the '5 W' problems in the early stage of curriculum development

agree that we need to knock students hearts


Learning reasons helps to understand student more.

Main question: why did student choose udemy instead of book or other platform


To answer that we need to think like a student: cheap price, have reviews and easy to learn


Best wishes



Ok, I wonder how many people are even aware that your audience and niche is already defined by the actual topic of your course..... am I wrong? I mean, if you've created an entire online course and still have absolutely no conception about the potential demographics of your audience, then that's kind of perplexing. Because, maybe just start with "demographics of people pursuing_____", and then just go from there.... I know common sense is kind of rare these days, and I'm certainly not qualified to lecture about common sense myself,  (which is why I dont teach it as a course, right). But....... Yeah. It's kind of just common sense. And perhaps even more importantly, figuring out your "target audience" will have almost zero impact on the popularity of your course. There's a target audience browsing every topic imaginable on Udemy, folks. There's no topic that literally zero people are interested in, that's not the issue. There aren't people out there who are browsing Udemy who just haven't found your course because you never defined your target audience. That's ridiculous. The reason they didn't click on your course is competition. If the topic is high demand but there are also a ton of courses on the topic, then guess what? You can plug in marketing formulas and lose sleep over defining your audience until the sky comes crashing to the earth. It won't matter one bit. The simple fact is, you must create a better product than your competitors. The audience will find you (Just make sure you SEO optimize those keywords fam). But the audience won't just look at you. They'll look at your competition, they'll compare all of them and they'll seek out the one that they think gives them the best value for the lowest possible price. And if you face a ton of successful competition, then wasting your time over your audience who already knows what they're searching for regardless will doom your Udemy career. I know I'll likely get blasted for ruining the echo chamber, no offense. All of this is said with love and honesty. I genuinely want you to do well. And that requires dispelling illusions and being direct with the truth. Only good vibes from me, cheers.

Good day, friend

"maybe just start with "demographics of people pursuing_____""


@AlexanderStarr can you share please ideas how to define what is demographic on specific course or topic inside Udemy platform?

If you read reviews, so we can just read name and surname

So it gives us man or woman is interested.

But what is about age?

For example software development on JavaScript is more interested to woman or man of what age? 

  • 15-17
  • 17-22
  • 22-28

How to define that?
How can we see what age is student interested in current course? @Bella 

I think you are putting the cart before the horse, so to speak. If you're that interested in specific demographics like that, why not just look at your competition and see what kind of demographics their students have. Or better yet, why not just create the course and then see who signs up for it. Focus on beating your competition, that's what matters. As I said before, people are always going to be interested in the topic, you don't have to go out and find your audience, despite what people keep saying. 


I dont see on competitors page the age of students

Thats the key


But sure I am also about course quality



Thanks, @Bella,. You clearly emphasized the importance of niching down the audience and how to define them well. 

Ok so I have a clear idea of who my target market is now

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