I have a few questions about making a new Autocad Course

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I have a few questions about making a new Autocad Course


I wanted to post a few questions in regard to making an autocad course on udemy

Currently I have 4 years experience teaching autocad, inventor and revit at an academy in class and 1 year experience of teaching online for said academy.


1) Now I wanted to clarify if anyone knows if there is issue with me making a course in autocad?

2) I see form the statistics screen thing that there is a high amount of autocad courses but only 8% of them are rated above 4 stars. what does that mean for me?

3) I want to sell my online course on udemy but also want students from the academy to have access to it too (I am leaving the said academy but the owner said she would be very interested in purchasing the course as well if I posted one online) so do I simply give them a link to my course and say "buy this course I set up on udemy"?
4) anyone from South Africa? I linked my paypal in and read all the terms and conditions and so on but was curious if anyone form South Africa has had issues?

5) I sent a test video in and udemy said its a 5 star video but I had some background static noise. I located the static and managed to eliminate it using a noise gate in the recording software. Should I re-send a test video?

6) is there a way for me to make/schedule Live Question and Answer sessions?


That is about all my questions for now.

Thank you in advance


Lukas Burger

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Hi @LukasBurger202 - I can answer some of these questions for you.


#1: There would be no issue with you creating a course on AutoCAD


#2: I did a search on Autocad and got 1,877 results back. Even if only 10% of those are 4 stars or higher, you are looking at competing against almost 200 highly rated courses. How do you plan to make your course stand out? You might be a fantastic teacher, but students searching for AutoCAD courses won't know that. Therefore, it could be very difficult for your course to get noticed.


#3: Selling your course to students in your academy. You could do exactly as you describe. You could create a coupon (easy to do) and then distribute the coupon to your academy students.


#4: No


#5: You probably don't need to do this


#6: Don't know about this.

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