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I need your opinion and help

Hi, I just launched my course and would love some honest feedback. It would be great if you could take a look at my course and let me know your first impressions when you look at my course's landing page.


I have worked on my course for 6 months, so I put A LOT of work into it.


It'll be great if you could help me out to support me. (If you have any advice that could help me out, do not hesitate to share it with me)


Thank you in advance 🙂


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@AmeliaKhouri I went though the course. I don’t see anything I could say you need to improve. It a job well done!!


Omg, thank you so much!

How can I assess the course 

Just search my name on udemy with the word drawing...


I don't want to send a direct link, scared that I might be blocked as spam



Best drawing course Amelia khouri


There is only one Amelia Khouri on udemy.


As you can also simply click on my profil to see what course I've made.. 


Once you see my course, let me know what you think..


Nicely done. Really good promo video, good page copy, and great social proof so far. The course is also a good length; there's nothing on the landing page that would dissuade me.

@FrankKane Thank you very much!!!



(If there is nothing that would dissuade you... Are you interested to learn how to draw? 😅😉

I still can't view it

Just click on her name in this thread. That will lead you to her instructor profile, and you'll see her course listed there.

Really well made course. This can do well in a lot of other places as well so you should expand this. Congratulations


What do you mean by expand?

Like sharing my course on other platforms similar to udemy? 

Also currently 919 students with 13 rating, the ratio seems off which can look like students are enrolling and not engaging or reviewing. This happened to me as well when I shared coupon with students.

Yeah i shared some coupons...


The thing is, I really don't know how to promote my course very well.


I did a lot of things that don't seem to work out really much.


Like I started a drawing YouTube channel recently called : Amelia khouri (you can check it out if want) 


I shared there 4 videos of my course plus the promo. Video.


I created 1 Pinterest, Facebook, and quora account, etc.


I tried Facebook ads...


Still, it doesn't seem to be working...


The sales that I make come from udemy organic or ads, etc.


And I only get 37% from a sale which is nothing since my course is $19,99. I get like an everage of $3 each sale!! 

I even got once $1 for a sale!!! 

For six months of work, and I end up by earning $1 a sale. It's so not fair! 



I'm kind of lost honestly...

I did everything right for my course but if no people sees it.... Well it's sad... 

I can relate to your plight. I started Udemy this year as well and most categories are already well set with established courses that have lot of reviews which makes it very difficult to rank high on the platform. Also in terms of pricing, Udemy is more about volume rather than high priced sales, so even I am getting those $1 sales!

Really liked your promo Amelia, your teaching style would attract a lot of students. I would have made 3-4 parts of this course instead of 11 hours. The young adults these days would not have the attention span for so long hence you may look to divide this course into parts. Just a suggestion!

Thanks for your suggestion. I will think about it

I like your landing page.  It is very thorough and reflects your course well.   You have covered almost everything in drawing.   I like too that you make it clear your course is for anyone.  I am taking a graphic deisgn course for video game at University and your course seems more comprehensive and better put together.     I paid $1,000 for the University course.  Yours is a good deal. 

Thank you very much SueBuist for your comment.

Don't hesitate to join in, if you're interested 😉

Anyone is welcomed☺️

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