My 1st 24 HOURS = 30 Enrollments - & 2 PAID....

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My 1st 24 HOURS = 30 Enrollments - & 2 PAID....


I attended the recent Udemy Webinar & then tried to implement what I learnt.

I launched my course 24 hours ago...

My primary objective was to maximize my presence in my existing social media groups

* I offered a 7-day FREE Coupon -  Posted in all of the groups that would allow it. (50% removed it)

* I then tried to establish myself a "Helper-Hero" and NOT a salesman in the group discussions

* I produced 15 x 1 to 2 minute duration videos with the key points from each lesson

* I removed all the talky bits - Just graphics and a few titles - All uploaded to YouTube 

* I then offered the links as free advice to users in the groups if they expressed a problem

* All the videos have links to my course very early in the description and an end screen to my course intro video

Really good feedback....

24 hours = 30 Enrolments and 2 paid students  OOOerrrrr. 

Thank you Udemy for the recent Webinar - Well worth staying up all night to join it.... 


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Hi @PaulGBarker69 I'd love to see what other instructors will respond, thank you for sharing this with us! It's awesome


Fernanda Rivera

Community Moderator

Thanks Maria or Fernanda or both. (I'm not sure who actually commented). 

But that has sparked an idea on perhaps how UDEMY could encourage Newbies to get involved and improve. 

It's a little bit daunting to join a group and become active when you're new to this stuff. How about assigning a coach/mentor to Newbies so that 1to1 chat is established with Q&A. I have quite a few questions and unknowns and it would be great if I had a single point of contact to go to. 

Just an idea. 


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