Need Suggestion for Course Title

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Need Suggestion for Course Title

Hello All!


Hope you are doing well.


I am creating my 1st course and this course is about VFX Compositing. I am having trouble in finalising a course title name. I have prepared few following title options but not sure which one is best. Please help me to choose one of them or give me any other Idea or suggestion about Course Title:


  1. VFX Visual Effects & VFX Compositing in Adobe After Effects
  2. VFX Compositing: Create VFX Shots for your own videos
  3. VFX Compositing: Add fiction into your videos through VFX Visual Effects
  4. VFX Compositing: Earn money with your VFX Skills
  5. VFX Compositing: Add Hollywood touch to your videos
  6. VFX Compositing: Create VFX Shots for your YouTube videos
  7. VFX Compositing: Add Magic to your videos
  8. VFX Compositing: Add magic into your videos using VFX (Visual Effects)
  9. VFX Compositing: Create magical videos using VFX (Visual Effects)
  10. VFX Compositing: Add VFX (Visual Effects) to your videos like Hollywood
  11. VFX Compositing: VFX (Visual Effects) hands-on Tutorials
  12. VFX Compositing: Start creating VFX Visual Effects Today

What do you think? Whcih one is best? 


Or do you have any other Idea for me?


Waiting for response.




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It sounds like you've got a couple different angles here. I'd recommend thinking about what your potential audience is most interested in and what problem your course is solving. Do students taking this course want to make a Hollywood career out of VFC Compositing or are they casual hobbyists hoping to learn a new skill or two? Your course title should speak to your audience!


You also use a variation of "VFX Compositing" and "Visual Effects" throughout your options. I would plug those terms into Marketplace Insights and see what students are searching for. Here's a great community post about how to do that.


Hope that helps!



Thanks a lot for your response.


I like your sugesstions and I have checked these keywords in Marketplace insight and Demand for the course with this keyword is very high and course delivery is very low. That Topic is Hot in Marketplace Insight.


But In search keywords this word (VFX Compositing) is searched for only 2%. 


VFX Nuke is the word whcih is searched in highest percentage but I am not teaching Nuke.


And about the web Link which you sent. I cant Access it. When I click this link, It says: 


Access Denied
You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action.



Waiting for response.




Hi @veajawad, ahh that post is in Published Instructor Club (our community for published instructors). I'll pull out the main points for you!


He suggests using Marketplace Insights to see what demand & supply is (which you just did), and he also suggests using Google Trends to search variations of your keywords to see what is trending on Google.

I can feel with you - finding the best title for my courses also often takes a long time, and I never know if I hit the sweet spot or not. Anyway...


I am not familiar with your topic, and can't answer your question, but what I would do is the following:


1. Who do you believe would be the person / student, who would benefit from your course content the most?

2. Where or with what is that person struggling right now?

3. Use a title promising and giving them a path out of their struggle


Hope this makes sense.


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