Need feedback on video

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Need feedback on video

Here's a test video I have created,  could anyone give me feedback if it's good to go and start with course creation?


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Hi @SauravPatha183 


Video is good. Video quality is good. Ensure you record the screen with video resolution of 720p or 1080p. Audio is clear. Just reduce the echo a little. Rest is ok. You can start with video creation. 

You can also send a test video to udemy if they have any other feedback for you. You will find the link to submit your test video in your course dashboard. To be precise, here


Hope it helps!

Good information...try to record in a sound proof room or use noise reduction to get rid of echoes...take your time, try not to speak to quickly. Hopefully that will help...good luck..

Yeah.. the audio is echoing and sometimes I have difficulty understanding some of the words you are saying. Speak clearly and avoid echoing.

Thank you everyone for the feedback. Herewith I have created another video after your views. Could you let me know if this is fine to go ahead?


@SauravPatha183 - Looks good.  Keep your mic a bit far so that your voice would be clear.


It's much better now. I'm not perfect when it comes to creating videos. But I think, you can improve this a little further. Here we go:


1. Your language is good

2. You are showing your face which is much better

3. Video quality seems to be great.

Issues I think..

1. You are too fast.. Slow down

2. I was lost in the middle. I prefer if you give the agenda first like a check list and then check them out 1 by 1 as you finish explaining each topic/subject in the checklist.

3. Don't rush. Few words are still not very clear. So, I'd prefer clear pronunciation.

4. I can't keep a track of where you are and where you are gonna go next. May be this is because of I have no idea what you are gonna do next or may be because of you are too fast.


Honestly, I respect that you ask for the feedback and change your videos based on that. I think, you'll create a great course. Good luck.

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Second video is much better, a little bit slower instruction should do the trick.

Also maybe a little bit optimization for mic to reduce echo or increase overall audio quality would be great. However i think if you just create a course like this it would work as well. If you are in here for the long game, you may want to acquire a recording mic such as blue yeti, rhodes, blue snowball etc.

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