Need inputs on the video

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Need inputs on the video

I have been working on my video skills for a long time. I have been publishing videos on YouTube and monitoring the result. Here is the latest one. I would love to have feedback from the community (Audio, Presentation, etc). Please let me know in comments, whether I am good to start working on a course.


Also here is the link to the channel, in case you wish to see how I have progressed so far


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Hi yogeshcjadhav;

Welcome to our community.

I wish the best courses for you.

I checked you video:


1- Your splash video in great.

2- Your sound quality is great.

3- Your video qulity is great and must be >=720

2-Your delivery is good and also your good talking speed.

3- Delete the background music because it's not good idea to adding that to your video based on my 17 years of teaching.

In addition you can send the test video to Udemy Great review team to check your video freely.

I tried it the Udemy review staff are really great !




Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

I liked the graphics at the beginning quite a bit.  Nicely done.  You sound quality is good, although, some of the terminologies you used are not common spoke English- albeit mostly understandable.  An example would be:  "$25,000" is read as "twenty-five thousand dollars" not "twenty-five k dollar".    It took me a moment to figure out what you meant there.


1) You need to enlarge the part of the code your working on to make it more visible on small screens.


2) I agree with the previous poster that the bed music needs to go during the formal part of the lesson.  The music is going to make it harder for viewers to absorb the material.


I do think you're ready to produce your course.  I'd look into exactly what you want to teach as fundamental JavaScript is an extremely competitive area.  You're going to have to offer something significantly differentiated or better to succeed.



Mark Lassoff

Hello, @yogeshcjadhav !


I have extremely less experience in creating videos than you. I've even closed all my videos on my YouTube channel. But I started already to create my first course.

Believe me, you are more than ready. You have to.


Good luck!


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