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Need some confidence

I would like to get some confidence to start creating my course. Its my first time creating cources. I have only taught up untill now.

I hope I will get some support here 

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Hi @MithMithun604  Welcome to the community!  This page is full of information about teaching on Udemy.


Our minimum requirements for a course is that it contain at least 30 minutes of video content contained within at least 5 lectures.


Here are some great resources regarding course creation:


Course Quality Checklist

Teaching Center

Udemy Insights Courses

Wistia Course Creation Compilation


Hope this helps!

Eliana Cerna 




I didn't sell any on my first week, does anyone can help?




Hi @VivianChang939 I'm very sorry to hear you're having a rough time here! You might want to take a look at this great thread where instructors shared some marketing tips:

Good luck!


Mery Mejia

Community Moderator

Thanks for sharing the great article. Be patient ! Yes.

Hi-Yes Study as much as you can about how to Create your Course here! Good information from takes a while then it suddenly Clicks! The more Courses you make the Better you get at putting those Courses together-Udemy has also made it so Easy to Create a Course! The Best of Luck K

Hi MithMuthun,


I've got 1 course on Udemy so still quite new to it. I only ever taught in front of students

before this so a little bit of adapting required. I'm working on my second course now and

really enjoying it because of what I learned from making the first one.


Enjoy the journey and best of luck


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First-time course creation
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