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Nervous Newbie

Hi everyone!


I have just launched my first course on Udemy and I was hoping to get settle some nerves with some feedback from all experienced course creators that have been on the block for a while.


How long would it usually take before you received enrollments for the courses you have created? Also, besides the obvious social media platforms, websites and blogs people would use to do marketing - what other ways would there be to get more exposure? This is the first time I had the courage to share my knowledge. I tried to create a course that students would find easily accessible as well as affordable during this pandemic but I am also nervous of failing and that my course will never be noticed among the thousands of other courses being promoted on Udemy.


Does anyone have any advice that could perhaps provide some peace of mind while waiting for that first student to enroll? 

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@CherieHaven561 congratulations for the first course. Nothing to worry about, try to do some marketing in social media by own to start with.

Hi @CherieHaven561 


Here are some thoughts I have on your course and comments you made.


#1: You said you are looking for peace of mind. If you are anxious about this I think you have the wrong expectations. Very few Udemy instructors, as a percentage of the whole, make any serious money (a couple thousand $ per month or more). I have no actual data on this, but if I had to guess I would say the average instructor on Udemy makes maybe $100-$200 per month or less. New instructors would make a lot less. I think my first month I made $10. I saw a statistic somewhere that said the average Udemy instructor makes $15-$30 per month, per course. 


#2: It can be VERY hard for new instructors to gain traction on Udemy. Why? Because most topics are already thoroughly covered by at least a dozen courses and sometimes hundreds. I just did a Udemy search on "Learning English" (your topic) and got 10K results back. You have a lot of competition.


#3: In most cases, for new instructors, Udemy will not be able to do any real marketing of their course. Why? Because there are probably so many other, highly rated, courses where Udemy wants to spend their ad dollars. In general, why would Udemy advertise a brand new course by a brand new author?


#4: Your course is priced at $50 and is only 2 hours long. How much English can anyone learn in 2 hours? Most Udemy students, I am guessing, will never spend $50 for a course period. But especially one that is only 2 hours long. They will simply wait for the next Udemy sale and buy it for $12 (or much less in some countries). 


#5: You will have to do your own marketing for quite some time. How you do this, I really don't know because I don't know the English teaching market. If it were me I would probably start trying to find people teaching English to foreign students and offering them your course at the lowest possible price you can offer it ($9.95).


#5: Just assume you are doing this for fun and never expect to make much money. That is probably much more realistic and will keep you more mentally healthy :).



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Hey @CherieHaven561 Congratulations on releasing your course! That in itself is a major accomplishment.
Traction will come in time. But you can help yourself with a little exposure. Like you mentioned, social media is a great way to promote your course. You cold even offer a discount coupon for a certain number of users? Have you thought about creating a few videos on YouTube and linking to your course in the comments? What about a live webinar with an up-sell to your course? There are lots of ways to help give your new course that push it needs.
For now, I wouldnt worry too much about the numbers. Just concentrate on spreading the word and sharing information to your tribe! Those interested will follow your links and traffic will fall upon your course. I remember my first course was terrible! and it took me several weeks to get a single enrollment. After that I was on a roll. Which reminds me, i need to make a start on a new course lol!
Again, congratulations. Regards, Rob.

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