New Limited Promotion Coupons - Terms & Policy changing

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New Limited Promotion Coupons - Terms & Policy changing



Is there anyone accept or notified about that bad change on promotion coupons to be very limited and useless like that?

I'm just wondering what's the point from this limiting!!!


another thing about the notification, nothing came to me regarding this new change although I'm subscribing the newsletter!!!

is that what udemy promised us with, we will notify you if there any change?


Really shame on you udemy




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The change you are referring to is already live since months. So it's not something new (at least not in the sense that it just went live last week or so).

Thanks for your reply

The changing not the biggest problem, but the very restricted policy

There is a course mentioned that in the first lesson, please check 


Let me know your opinion regarding the policy from unlimited coupons to just 3 ready template coupons?

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Community Champion

You are super angry by changes made 9 months ago, before you were an published instructor and you are upset that you were not informed? 


This was communicated in emails and on forums:

It was discussed for months, instructors were involved in coupon boards. 


Thor Pedersen - IT , Project Management, and Cyber Security trainer

Sorry for the distracted flow, I've made a mistake about the changing notification to the right point, but the reasons for that are:

- there was another recently update in this page mentioned in the last statement, without any further notification!!


- I enrolled into many courses to know everything about udemy before starting investing money, time and effort. All these courses said that the instructors could make unlimited coupons, even official udemy courses also


- it's like a chock for me after all that to know the new limitation, and surprised that you said instructors participated in the changing process, , actually I'm wondering how they accepted that!?


Anyways from my perspective the existing coupons policy isn't sufficient or effective for marketing and not helping the instructions at all, it's just a very bad limitation 

This guy and surely most of the instructors have the same opinion, check the first lesson 


Let me know your thoughts on this

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