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Hi there

Could somebody explain this to me:

My first course was free.

My second course is at the price of R279.99 (I am from SA)

3 Students enrolled at the end of March 2023

Which makes the total amount R839.97

I only received R233.73 not even one full student's money.


How does this work?  So for me to have a good income I must have a considerable amount of students to make it worthwhile.


I put hours of work into the course.  This is a bit unsettling.


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Community Champion

This does take a lot of new instructors by surprise, including me at first.


It's best explained at:




Basically Udemy can offer your course at a lower price than your list price, and Udemy and many middlemen take most of the revenue before it makes its way to you. Driving sales with your own coupon codes will allow you to keep more of it.


But you are correct - it does require a large volume of students to earn a good income here. Udemy has a very large audience though, so that is possible.

This is really upsetting.   So it is actually better to use the coupon system.

But I do not really understand how this system works.

Or is there another way to get a greater % paid out to the instructor?

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