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Private course details required

Hello folks


I created a new private course on udemy with a password set. 


Already started sharing the course link with my students and they have clicked onto the Enrolling Button and it's says Invitivation Accepted and doesn't take to anywhere neither I received any email notification so that I can share the course password to them. 


How do this private mode works. Why am I not notified about new students enrollement. Please guide 

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Hey @SRCCIE246, to gain access to a private course, the student will need to either enter a password, or request access to it. This would depend on the type of privacy you set the course for. To learn more about how private courses work, check out this support article. As I understand, you set the course privacy as "password protected" in this case, after receiving your course URL, a student must enter the created password on the course landing page in order to access your course. If this is not working as outlined in the article, feel free to reach out to so that the team can assist you furrther.


Hope this helps!


Abbie Reyes
Udemy Community Team

I emailed you about it to the mentioned email ID... 



Here is the copy of my email


Hello udemy,

With reference to my issue as reported in the instructor forum 

I have set my course to private mode with password.


I have shared the udemy course link with my students and they have subscribed to it.


So what's next??


Will it redirect them to next page where they can input the given password???


Otherwise would I be notified via email for any new subscriber and that's how I send or email them password individually.


My students are clueless and they are telling they cannot access it as it don't take them to any password page neither I got any email from them.

I have attached reference video for your reference





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