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Sometimes I see posts about ratings so I just wanted to make this brief post to allay any confusion.


1. When you see the stars next to a course that is NOT the average

2. Ratings: The rating of your course is the star rating that appears with your course wherever it is advertised. Udemy utilizes weighting ratings based on the level of usefulness and relevance of the rating. There are a number of factors we’re using to help weight ratings; however, three of the most significant are:

-Amount of the course the student consumed before leaving the rating
-How recently the rating was left
-How valuable the student’s feedback was to instructors and students

With this in mind, your course rating is not a pure average of all reviews, but each individual review may be weighted differently based on all the factors Udemy considers.


3. You could receive two 5 star ratings and one 5 star review and no other ratings/reviews but the stars next to your course could be (for example) 4.5

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Hi @ChrisBankes120 , 


You couldn't have explained it better. Thanks for sharing! 



Point (3) is a puzzle though. I did ask Trust & Safety but have yet to receive a reply.

Doesn't it align with Point 2?

No I don't see how it does.

For example:

  • If 100 people gave 5 star ratings
  • 12 people gave 5 star reviews
  • 8 people gave 2 star reviews


Then I could see how it could (for example) be 4 star, yes.

But if no-one ever gave less than 5 star and if one of those 5 star was a review then I don't see how it can possibly be less than a 5 star. 


If only ONE person gave a rating and that was 5 star then, using the logic, the average could be 4.5 (for example if the 5 star was after 1%) but even that seems strange because if everyone gives 5 star then no-one at all thinks it is less than...5 star.


Spot on. weighted average should come into picture only when at least 2 or more different numbers are given in rating. For example if one 5, one 3.. Your rating should vary from 3 to 5 based on the above logic. If only one rating. The display rating has to be same



K Ravi Kumar

Futures & Options trainer

8 days have gone by and no response. @MariaG  have you any idea?

I guess no-one has…

Hello @ChrisBankes120 

just recently launched my course at udemy and have been getting a good response.

Now considering a scenario where,

1 - a student left me a rating of 2 stars after completing the course at 15% (No review written)

2 - a student left a rating of 4.5 stars after completing the course at 100% (No review written)

3 - a student with a rating of 5 stars & a written review after 100% course completion.

4 - a student with rating of 5 stars & written review after 50% course completion.


In such a scenario, how will it impact my overall rating?


I have been constantly messaging students who left only ratings without any review and requesting them to provide feedback and offer them to clear their doubts and review ratings, it seems that they dont care to respond. The flip side is that despite we as instructors open to solve the doubts for students, we sometimes do not get proper ratings/reviews.


I think udemy must change this and let the students provide a rating only after they complete the course. As this can hurt instructors like us as we do not get a chance to clear doubts for the learners. 


Thanks & Regards.

My point 3 was never answered. So if EVERYONE leaves 5 star that does not mean your average rating is 5 star 

My course rating didn't change after it got 2 five star rating. Stuck at 4,23. How could it be possible?

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