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It's been close to two years since I first registered. Udemy.

Somehow events overtook my commitment here and lost track of what I intended to do.

But I remember trying to learn to become an instructor. So if you're reading this and you have an idea of what, or how I should go about that,  please drop me a line now. This time I pray I will get through to the end.

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @DavidBokolo !


Welcome back to the community, we are excited to have you here.

It is important to fight for your goals. 
First, I'd encourage you to take a look at our official and free Udemy courses, which will help you with getting started on Udemy. Also, here are some great resources regarding course creation:

Course Quality Checklist
Teaching Center: How to Plan, Record, Publish and Market your course
Teaching on Udemy: FAQ
Community - Course Creation Compilation
Course Creation Webinar w/ Jimmy Naraine
Webinar Replay: Making the Most of your Instructor Experience w/Katie Bent

Please, let us know if you have more specific questions about your instructor journey, and we are happy to help!


Udemy Community Team

The first thing is to BE expert in something. If you are not expert in your topic students will not want to learn from you. If you are expert in a topic, study the best courses in that topic an imaging how your course can be even better. Then... its a long list.


Lawrence M. Miller

So, in becoming a teacher, do I just record my teach video, download and publish it here or, what's he procedure?

I will advise you follow the advice and some links shared with you above to get started. "Life is easier with an helping hand.", they say. Learn from the people at the front, and live one day at a time as you throw yourself at the venture. Good luck.

Oracle DBA, APEX Developer & Intructor/Freelancer.

David, It is important to be an expert and knowledgable in the subject you want to teach. Then fill up the form and get started. There are plenty of opportunities to edit it. There is plenty of help available once you get started.

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