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I am building a full scale Introduction to Russian class. Each lesson will be 30 minutes long. There will be 21 lessons. I taught Russian in a maximum security prisons in Sterling, CO. Lectures were 1.5 hours long. We did 32 lessons. My assistant was a Ukrainian woman who taught Russian in the Soviet Union.

Any tips on course creation are welcome.


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Hi @CraigSebastian 


Welcome aboard! Please go through the  articles here to get started.

Hi @CraigSebastian - Welcome to Udemy! Before you get too far into your course creation, you should be aware of the competition you will be facing. I did a Udemy search on "Russian Language" and limited the search to just those courses rated 4.5 or higher. I got 2,687 results back. This means there are that many courses teaching the Russian language that you will be competing against.


So, while you are creating your course, I would give serious consideration as to how you are going to make your course stand out above all  the others. Also, keep in mind that Udemy probably will not promote your course at all because you are a new instructor with a new course and Udemy would much rather spend their advertising dollars on proven courses in this space.


If you are going into this to just have fun and maybe make a few dollars, then by all means, go for it and have fun. If your intent is to make a lot of money, well, that might be tough for many months or years until your course gains some traction. And it will involve a lot of self-marketing work on your part.

I plan to teach Russian for Spanish speakers who only speak Spanish.

I also plan to teach Spanish to people who only know Russian.

I think it's a better niche. 

Way to go @CraigSebastian. Niche down.


Udemy doesn’t really like lessons above 20 minutes long.

I suggest have double the number of lessons of 15 minutes each instead.


Looks interesting 

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