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Slow gaining traction

I am having trouble gaining traction. I have only had 1 sale in a month (at a discount price).

I think the content is good (of course it’s mine). I am a 40 year veteran in the field and have had past success in teaching students. Any recommendations that have helped you would be appreciated.


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I'm not great shakes either, but this is what I'm learning:

Emphasize the subject matter less and more what the student will be able to do. I'm enamored with my subject and almost unconsciously promote it, rather than the benefits to the student.

Make your pitch more emotional than intellectual.

Basically make a promise and prove how you will meet it.

Be simple and concrete, keep sentences short and to the point.

Present great content (student wins) early.

Study all the marketing ideas on the Udemy platform. And then use many of them.

Keep pushing forward with the patience of a saint.

Remember to entertain as well as teach.


You come across with great credibility and natural friendliness. Enjoy the learning curve and don't hesitate seeking input from other Udemy instructors. You've joined a warm and friendly group.


Good luck! 


Robert Brown, Ph.D.
Unique insights for personal & business success

Thanks; Robert for your kind words.

Robert's dead right. Prospects find your course via search so put yourself in the shoes and the mindset of the person running a search for your course. What are they after and what will they search for? And when they get there what will they see? Will your course description inspire them to take a next step or will they scroll on?

I completed Tee Henderson's copywriting course and it really helped me sharpen my content and targeting. She knows her stuff and it worth checking out. She'll teach you how to target and to simplify.

Hi @LandonCrigl966 You are certainly an expert at what you do! Check out this link here to access the Marketing section of our Teaching Center, which has extensive tips and information on how to effectively market and promote your course.


In addition, I highly recommend checking out this webinar we did with Katie Bent.  There is a lot of valuable information in it on how to optimize your course at every stage.

I hope it helps!

Fernanda Rivera

Community Moderator

Hi @LandonCrigl966 - A few things come to mind:

  • It really doesn't matter how much success you have had in your career teaching students when it comes to getting initial traction on Udemy. About the only way to succeed (however you define that) is to find a topic that isn't already saturated with courses.
  • You have your list price for the course set at $85. Almost no one will pay this kind of money for any course on Udemy. Why? Because the entire world knows that if you wait a few days, your $85 course will be on sale for between $9.95 and $13.95.
  • You are in a rather crowded market. I did a search on "Realtors" and returned 102 results. So this means there could be at least 102 courses teaching what you are teaching. And, when I did a search on "Real Estate" there are 200+ courses rated 4.5 or higher on the subject. There simply is no way you are going to be able to compete with those courses unless you find a way to draw students to your course by your own marketing.
  • I took a look at your promotional video. It was ok but I think you need to spend more time talking less about the real estate market and why I should purchase your course. Also, it appears you are reading from a script. IMO, that doesn't give a good impression. You should know your material well enough (or rehearse more) so that you don't have to do that.

In five years I've only ever sold courses at full price around 3-4 times and you yourself have made the statement to other posts that nobody ever pays full price. So not sure where you're going with that.

And if you really want to test how effective his positioning then run a search against keywords people would actually use to find his course. Nobody comes to Udemy and searches for a "realtor". Ratings matter in Udemy searches. If you're below the 4.5 mark you're excluded by Udemy's most basic filter. After that it's content effectiveness and total ratings. Once builds over time and the other can be worked on right now.

Straight up telling people they "simply is no way you are going to be able to compete with those courses" because others got there first is rubbish. Personal marketing helps - it helps a lot. But solid copywriting and quality content sells itself and builds in strength over time - especially when it's current an relevant.

And I'd rather listen to scripted content than listen to someone chase their own tail verbally for hours. If you really have scripted the content Landon then condense it into an ebook and sell it independently. Make an ebook of the first chapter and use it as a free giveaway Facebook campaign. And point it back to your Udemy course. Instant marketing material.

Don't let enforce their limitations on your work Landon.

Randy Thanks for the frank observation and recommendations. I will make some changes. Thanks again for taking the time.

Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @LandonCrigl966 👋 There is some fantastic feedback in this thread, and I am learning. Some insight I received years ago from a book publisher is to break down my topics, as the content was too broad. He suggested I explore book stores to see what is out there, and to define a niche. From reviewing  priority topics, this helped me to recently focus more on narrowed topics related to my area of expertise. I was offering a whole dinner with appetizers and dessert, and students learn one bite at a time. 

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