Sucessfully Niching down from an established keyword?

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Sucessfully Niching down from an established keyword?

Dear Community!


I am in the midst of course creation. I already filmed some lessons that are covering my topic for a broader audience. Before I proceed now, I think I need to specify my niche in greater detail, since my main topic is already saturated with courses:

If you look up "learning strategies" with the Marketplace insights, you see that this course is highly demanded. But I doubt that I can compete against established courses without being more specific in a niche. So what are your suggestions:


1) Trying to great a such high-quality course that it can compete for a broad search term like "learning strategies"?


2) Niche-it down for a more specific group? But then, how do you find out which group/sub-niche is profitable? Because the marketplace insights doesn't give you valuable data if you search, for example, "learning strategies for college students".


This is still my biggest obstacle: I still struggle with who to target for the in-depth parts of my video course

I would appreciate your help ! Thanks!


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Hi @ThomasAlex86 !

The beginnings can always be a little more difficult, it is only until we take courage to try.
The advice I can give you is, within your tools and experience, you create a course that meets the needs of the subject. What you can offer that students will not find in other courses, is your experience, so I suggest adding that to the course, coupled with practical activities that if you make them fun, students will fall in love with your course.
You can use the marketplace of udemy, but also once you start having students, you will have access to the topics of their preference, in addition to the educational announcements where you can consult about what thematic in particular they would like you to try in future courses. That data will be obtained once you launch your courses and the students begin to arrive.
The good thing is that if you detect that your students would like you to discuss a specific topic in your course, you can add it later, you can always improve and add classes to the course, even if it is published.
In addition, you can always continue creating new courses, so your students will always be more and more.
Successes! 🙂

Álvaro Chirou.
Technology Expert

You do need to be more specific. In my opinion, the term "learning strategies" is almost meaningless. Learning strategies for corporate trainers? For college students? For elementary school students? It matters. What do you think potential students are really looking for?


What are you really expert in? Looking at your profile I don't see evidence of expertise in educational psychology or educational technology. You say "I am interested in big data, automation, tech, science, health. "  I am interested in those things also, but I am not expert in them and would not attempt to teach them. What is your real expertise and experience? Teach a subject that you have both expertise and enthusiasm to teach. Focus! (I think that is your word.)


Lawrence M. Miller
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