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Suggestions for course improvement

Hi guys. I published my course last week. My landing page visitors are growing everyday but I'm not getting students. Can somebody suggest what I can do to improve the course please. I have over 20mins of free preview vids 


Pease visit my profile, you'll see it. It's the only I have ATM.

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Hi @ElaJones 

I'm not an expert at selling courses, but for what it's worth here are my thoughts, 

-No promo or intro videos, these are important. 

-Constant noise in background of VO, not awful but could be better. 

- Reusable spelt wrong in Sub Title, doesn't look good. 

- 40 minutes of free previews, maybe you're giving away too much?


I found it quite hard to get going in the beginning as well, keep working at it. 

Best of luck. 

Thanks man. As for the noise in the background, I guess I need to upgrade my PC. I tried to install noise cancelling software, but it couldn't install. It said I don't have good graphics




Hi ElaJones,


If you use Audacity (free download) to record your audio, there´s a tag (Effects) to 

apply Noise Reduction to the whole audio. When you do it the first time, just select the

section of the audio (where the noise is) for the program to understand what kind of noise it has to reduce. After that, run the Noise Reduction a second time in the whole audio. It might help. Best of luck!

Great thank you, so @AndreSalles5493 don't see any faults besides the audio quality ?

Actually I didn´t think the sound was noisy. Only maybe your voice was a bit too low. And you´re speaking a bit fast. Perhaps it would be better to speak more slowly. What is do in my courses is to record my voice first (from a text) and then create the video based on the audio. This gives me more control of what I am saying (no improvisations or awkward pauses) and how I am saying it. Always make sure that your message is clear to the viewer. Good luck!


I meant "tab", not "tag". Sorry.

I started this 3 months ago, and I can give you some advice if you want.

If you have a similar course that is probably getting a lot of students within Udemy, it's pretty hard to compete with the existing ones.
Students will buy that one.
It's better to find field where no one else is doing it and get more students.

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