Udemy for Business, percentage promotion, fixed price promotion, pricing of course

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Udemy for Business, percentage promotion, fixed price promotion, pricing of course

Hello Everyone,


I am a new instructor and my course will be released very soon.  I want to be sure that I dont make any revenue mistakes and want to be certain that I participate in the right promotion, revenue stream.


I will be participating in Udemy for Business.  From a revenue perspective, is it worthwhile?


Also, is it worth doing percentage and fixed promotions?  I am probably going to price my course at 199 but really dont want to give it away for $10 or $11.  Anyone sell their course at the $199 with success or do you really need to sell discount at $10 or $11 to get traction or is there middle ground of 50% of which would be $98.


Also, which is the promotion that Udemy automatically lowers your price to the $10 and you have no control over it?


Any advice would be great.  Glad to be part of the Udemy community.






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Hi @GailMiller536 ,

Welcome to the community. I've not got any courses in Udemy for Business currently so I can't answer about whether that is worthwhile. I'm sure other instructors will share their experiences of this.

Unless you have an alternative way of selling your courses (like a following off of Udemy/mailing list etc) for a higher price or have very low competition on Udemy and know people will pay the higher price, most instructors opt-in to the Udemy promotions, this means that their courses will frequently sell for perhaps $20 or less, often about $10-$15. It is very rare for individual Udemy sales to be for a higher amount than this. Udemy is more about volume of sales rather than price of any individual sale.

For most of these sales you will get about 50% of the sale amount (so perhaps about $5-$10 per sale). The Fixed Price Promotions option is the option which has courses selling for under 75%, the Percentage promotions can discount up to 75%. I can't remember the last time I saw that I had a sale for over $20. I probably get one or two every few months over this price (up to about $50) and may get 50% of the price or higher perhaps once every year or two.

By opting-in to the Marketing Boost option you get ad sales and affiliate sales. These will also often be sales between $10-$20 and you will usually get about 25% of that. 

There is more information about the options here and here.


All the best



Hi Gail,


Regarding Udemy for Business, just keep in mind that the fact that you opted in to participate in the program, doesn't mean that your courses will be included right away.


They usually include only the highest rated courses on each topic, and only for topics for which a demand exists from the program's customers.


Also, they usually only consider courses that have a certain number of reviews, so, it might take some time for your courses to be included, and the possibility that they are never included exists.


The revenue you can get from the program might vary depending on the topic, but it can definitely be worthwhile.  In my case, it usually accounts for about 40% of my earnings.

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