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Websites/Platforms suitable for online courses

Hello everyone,


I wanted to ask which website is suitable to use for course creation? I used Kajabi but in the long run it is pretty expensive (200 USD per month). Wordpress and Six seem for me too basic. I am not sure if Shopify has the features for online course creation (such as progress etc.). 

Do you have any experience with platforms suitable for online course creations?



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Community Manager

Hi @gimatek

I hope your Monday has been fantastic so far 😊.

That's a great question! Many instructors in our community simply use video editing software for their course videos.  Very popular ones are, for example, Camtasia or Adobe Premiere Pro, which aren't course creation tools per se.

I'm sorry I'm not a better help here, but hopefully, other instructors will jump in to share their experiences with course creation tools such as Kajabi. 

Please let us know if you have additional questions! 




Can you find some way to solve this query because i face same query for last 1 week..


So some one can help me.




Best regard,

The problem is not the platform you would like to use for your course but the features you get and the resources it needs to get up to par with other competitors. Teachable is used by many but in my opinion and Prima's view from what we tried WordPress with some special plugins offered and an incredible learning experience but the cost of such a platform is not worth it unless you have already a big audience of 5000 students. Also, self-hosting is not an ideal solution as you will need to take care of: data privacy, security, performance and optimizations. if you have any questions regarding this topic please feel free to ping me and I can expand more on this subject.

Have an awesome day or night.

@gimatek The answer is Udemy. If you are asking about where to host your course. The sites you mention are hosting sites, not course creation. Course creation is an entirely different question. You create a course by a) becoming expert in a topic; b) outlining, researching and developing the content; c) developing graphics and finding good images or videos; d) recording with a good camera and microphone; e) editing with editing software. Then you upload to Udemy or some other hosting site.



Lawrence M. Miller

@gimatek for Learning Management Solutions to build, host and manage your course you have:

- Kajabi (which you already know)

- Teachable

- Thinktific

- Podia

- Zenler 

I'm sure there are more.


All of those will cost you more or less the same (hundreds to thousands of dollars per year).


These are not platforms in the sense that they will do NOTHING to help you sell your course.


For platforms. There are many other choices, I can't recommend any since my experience is only on Udemy.

I can say that if you go over some old posts you'll find people trying other platforms and the revenue there is not even close to Udemy.

Notably people are running away from Skillshare because they screwed over most of the instructors by reducing the pay significantly.

I hope this helps.

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