Who Wants to Talk Course Outlining?

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Who Wants to Talk Course Outlining?

All of my courses start as rough outlines typed into my favorite text editor Emacs.  My course ideas are voluminous at first, filling several pages.  But as I begin to focus in on a niche (using Marketplace Insights as part of my research), I begin to expand a single course idea to a course outline.


Inevitably, part of the way through outlining using Emacs I would transfer my outline, line-by-line, from Emacs to Udemy.  I find that the Udemy course creation interface is the best way to outline a course.


So, what of standard structures?


o I like to have a Course Overview preceed the course and a Course Summary follow.

o I often include section introduction and conclusions.

o I like to include an article describing a project in every section (submitted to Q&A).

o I'm about to experiment with including a quiz in every section.


You textual course outline should end up producing a very well structured course.





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Hi Brian;

Well done


I find it fairly easy to write a course outline by taking a "top down" approach and a point format.

I have 3 already, but need to get my first course out before focusing on anything else.


I think a practical exercise/activity/project should be at the end of every section.


And i wonder how it would go if there was an option to not be able to proceed to the next lecture until all activites are done...that may be a tough one.

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I’m still a pen and paper person for getting started. I mindmap the idea first then create a lecture listing from that and then break down into relevant sections.

I always put in section introductions and reviews in every section as well as a course overview at the start and review at the end.

Where I can I also put in a Recommended Reading list as well.

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