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horizontal or vertical videos

Hi there, 


I am creating my first course. Does it matter if my videos are vertical or horizontal? 


many thanks, 


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Yes it matters. This is not Tick Tock. Look at every TV screen, every movie screen, the eye naturally sees more horizontal space and that is why every professional production is "landscape" and not vertical. 

Lawrence M. Miller

Hi Lara @LaraCatherine71 

Welcome to the instructors community.

I like to wish you a great success in creating and teaching your courses on this Online teaching platform.


You may have already read some or most of the Udemy posts guiding new instructors on how to create their courses, nevertheless, I am including here we links to Udemy posts to help you. 


Regarding your question, you need to use landscape mode in creating your videos, you have referred to it in your question by the term horizontal. 














Best regards,

Ahmed Jendoubi, Ph.D.
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