"Sorry, this course is no longer accepting enrollments...."

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"Sorry, this course is no longer accepting enrollments...."

Hey everyone,


I just got my first ever course approved last week. Today I shared some coupons around and someone warned me they were not working. Once I try to open my course/voucher incognito I get a page saying on top: "Sorry, this course is no longer accepting enrollments. If you previously enrolled in this course, please log in to access. You may explore similar options below."

In my course page, my course seems to be under review... again!!
There had been no comments at all before.
Any suggestions what to do? I am a bit lost here...
Best regards,
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Hi @Natalia Leal , this may be happening if you are switching between private and public while republishing your course. Doing this will cause your course to be re-submitted through the Quality Review Process.


If this is not the case, feel free to reach out to instructorsupport@udemy.com so they can take a better look.

Hi Maria, Thank you for your reply!

Yes, indeed I changed the private/public status, but why would that restart the process. The course had already been approved! It's either approved or not, right?

If I had know about it this consequence I would not have changed it in the middle of my ongoing promotion... The course had already been approved!

Now, I have already 2 people complaining back to me they cannot access the course 😞

I am a bit disappointed about this, to say the least, and just hope I do not loose potential students...


Hi @Natalia Leal , thanks for sharing your feedback regarding this and we're sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you! Please note this information is shared in this support article under "How to Republish a Course". 

Hi Maria,

I guess the issue is precisely that I never chose to re-publish (we are not made aware in any clear way that changing the status of the course means re-publishing it). 

I hope Udemy can address this soon, as an entirely new procedure.

Thanks for helping anyway 🙂

This is a known issue and it seems nothing has really changed. 

Re: Improvement Proposal - Switching from Private to Public Course - Udemy Instructor Community

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