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reg GST, paypal, LUT



I am based in India and just published my first course. 


I read few posts and some people said that its not necessary to register for GST unless the earning reaches GST threshold. Some people said that it may be needed to pay for GST especially with business paypal account. Another one mentioned that one can use LUT to avoid paying GST as Udemy is accessed globally.


I am also about to sell it on my personal website. What would you all suggest who are in the same boat and based in India. Did you use paypal personal or business intially, register for GST and all, do LUT?

I would really appreciate your advice with how you handled funds transfer process..


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Komal762, I hope you're doing well! Please note that Udemy is not able to provide tax advice. Instructors are responsible for remitting any income tax relevant to them to their local tax authorities. We suggest consulting a tax professional for individual tax advice, or to understand your individual tax responsibilities for the income received from Udemy.


Bella Almeida

Udemy Community 

Hello Komal,


I think Paypal personal you can not use to receive money and paypal business can be use.


I think GST not requiere and you may give your PAN number in place of TIN in tax info if you are individual tax payer in India.


By d way we are using Payoneer and no issue in receiving payments.


But as Bella said you may also consult any tax expert to avoid any issue.




thanks..actually i already discussed with customer care.they said its fine to use paypal personal 

Rahul Iyer
Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @Komal762,

Below are the details that you will find helpful:


Paypal Personal vs. Business: I operate as a business on Udemy. Hence, I use Paypal Business. It looks like your question is already resolved.


GST: Unless your overall turn-around doesn't exceed GST Threshold limit, you are not required to request for a GST number. Pan card will work just fine. If you do get a GST number, its no harm. But you are NOT paying GST initially, so in my opinion why spend the effort to do all the paperwork? You will find more information on GST Thresholds here:


LUT: At this moment, since you are not paying any GST, LUT is NOT needed. On the recommendation of one Indian instructor, I tried the LUT route with my CA's help, but it is kind of messy and unclear. So we are NOT meddling with it at this point. If I get more inputs on LUT, I will definitely add in this forum.


I hope this helps. Feel free to share any additional questions. And wish you all the success 🙂


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