An opportunity to help our Final Year Secondary School Students

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An opportunity to help our Final Year Secondary School Students

Hi Everyone,


I am new to this Online Teaching platform. I have done Online English Teaching (TEFL - Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Young adults and Business people in China, Tiawan and the Phillippines) and I have had some amazing experiences.


We have hundreds of Final Year Secondary School students who are under various lockdown situations across the world who have assignments that they need to prepare for their various Subject Portfolios and they are probably wondering where in fact they are going to write their final exams. These wonderful students have a perfect opportunity to focus on improving their knowledge and skills in preparation for their final push before going to College or University.


Here's what I was thinking about:


I want to reach these Final Year Secondary School Students. But, I am not sure how to build a client base - any ideas? 


Teaching is in my blood - especially Geography. There's so many similarities that all Geography sylabi have. THis could be a marvelous opportunity to reach home bound Students between 16 and 19 years of age. I have also lectured students on Business Studies, English, History, Religious Studies.


My Geography subject areas that I enjoy teaching are:

1. Gloabla warming (I presented a paper on Global Warming at the American Association of Geographers Conference held in Washington DC during the first week of April 2019).

2. Weather and Climate

3. Mapwork

4. Geomorphology

5. The connection between geographical regions and disease.

6. Volcanism and Earth Quakes

7. Urban Geography


I would value any help I can get, any suggestions you guys might have or any contacts that I could synergise with.


Chat soon


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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @Derek480 Welcome to the community! Our community is a space for instructors to help other instructors, so feel free to jump right in and start asking questions or reading discussions. Our minimum requirements for a course is that it contain at least 30 minutes of video content contained within at least 5 lectures.


Here are some great resources regarding course creation:


Course Quality Checklist

Teaching Center

Udemy Insights Courses

Wistia Course Creation Compilation


Also,here’s a great roundup of free & paid resources and a compilation of top posts on creating your course.


I hope this helps!





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