Halfway through the year: How has 2023 been treating you so far?

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Community Manager

Halfway through the year: How has 2023 been treating you so far?

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Hello instructors,


Can you believe it? It's already June, and we find ourselves halfway through the year 2023. 

Time truly flies! You may have encountered numerous challenges within these six months and embraced valuable lessons 🌟.


Let's take a moment to reflect on our journey in 2023: 

What was your biggest accomplishment so far? 


You may have published your first course on Udemy or achieved a milestone! Have you started a new hobby, or were you thriving in your career? 


No accomplishment is too small or insignificant. Share your highlights in the comments below! 👇

17 Replies

Biggest accomplishment of the year so far...


For me, it has mostly been finding more balance with work & life this year. The past few years have been crazy (as they have been for most people). There isn't one thing that stands out as a major accomplishment this year other than continuing to find excitement in teaching skills to new students around the world. 


I'm looking forward to the end of the year. I have a goal with a couple other photography teachers to host a live in-person gallery showcasing some of our student photography. So that will be something to look forward to... and attempt to accomplish!


Wishing everyone a great second half of 2023!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @PhilEbiner,

Thank you for sharing!

I'm happy to hear you could focus on your work-life balance over the past months, as it's so incredibly important.  Not sure if you have seen it, but there was this great post
"The Definitive Guide to Burnout for Course Creators" from @KarolyNyisztor, which might be worth checking out.

Did you implement a specific strategy on how to improve your work-life balance?

It's great that you already have a goal for the year's other half, and I wish you the best of luck with it!🍀 (Please remember to post it when we ask for your highlights of 2023! 😊)

That sounds amazing, for your students, wow! Great idea!

It's so hard to get sales.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Veasna, M.


I'm sorry, your first half year of 2023 has been challenging. 


Have you checked out our AMA with Chris Haroun? It was super inspiring and will hopefully provide some helpful information on how to improve your sales. 


I hope your next six months will be better! Don't give up! 


If I had to describe my performance this year so far I would call it "stable." Which in my case I consider to be a good thing. More specifically, and you know I track a lot of data...


  1. I passed the the one million in total revenue mark, finally, which is satisfying but doesn't feel that significant now after eight years.  
  2. I published my eighteenth course a few months ago and that is now the best seller in its category which is very nice. 
  3. My two year mean growth rate in revenue is +13%.
  4. Marketplace year-over-year revenue is down -15%.
  5. My Udemy Business revenue is up 16% year-over-year and is just over 70% of my total revenue each month. 
Lawrence M. Miller
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @LawrenceMMiller


Thank you so much for sharing 😊


It's great to hear you've achieved a milestone by surpassing the one million in total revenue mark this year! Even though it may not feel as significant for you, it's still a HUGE accomplishment 🎉


I will keep my fingers crossed for the other half of the year!


For me it's also been pretty stable.

No surprises.

Launched a new course.

Enjoying teaching.

Life is good.

How were your first 6 months @MarinaT?:)

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @MichaelPog

It's great to hear your first six months were stable and without any (bad) surprises; also, congratulations on publishing your new course!😊

Well, I would describe my first six months of 2023 with the following words:
Challenging - Surprising - Exciting.

Stepping into this role was a big surprise for me (always expect the unexpected 😃), but I'm super happy and excited about what's to come.  

I wish you all the best for the second half of 2023!🍀

Ps. YES! Life is good!🌟


2023 will be a big year for me.

Especially with so many of my courses now in UfB and a massive uptick in revenue due to that reason.

Marketplace performance has been on par with Udemys performance so I am not worried. 

The second half of the year will be exciting as I have two courses lined up for publishing and major updates to my existing courses. 

Working on the other marketing channels as well .

Thank you for asking @MarinaT 



Community Manager
Community Manager


Hi @Mufaddal

Yay! Congratulations on your courses being added to UB, and I'm glad you could also see this in an uptrend of your revenue 🎉

I wish you all the best for your new courses, and I hope those will be as successful as your current ones 😊.  Keep us updated please, we love hearing your success stories! 







Hey Marina,

Hope you are doing well.

We have launched our first course in Dec 2022 with first Udemy income of $118.

Now It's been 7 months with Udemy and total of 7 courses published.

1 course is "BESTSELLER".

Our earning is increasing month by month. Kudos to Udemy marketing team.

Below is the snapshot of our earnings.















Now our target is consistent $1000/month by December 2023.


Thanks and Regards,

PV Drug Safety Academy

Man, great job! Very inspiring to see these numbers, and such quick growth in the English Market, since I am just entering with my first English course.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @PV Drug Safety Academy

Thank you so much for sharing.

Wow, this looks amazing, and congratulation on this accomplishment. I'm optimistic that you will achieve your goal for 2023 🎉. Please keep us updated (Stories & Milestones). 

Do you have some tips about marketing the course in the first six months you
want to share?😊


@MarinaT Thank you so much.


Our marketing strategy is as follows:


1. We are highly active on social media particularly on Linkedin and Telegram.

Most of our revenue is from Linkedin. We share at least 3 to 4 posts / week. These posts are about some basics and preliminary information on the topics that we have presented in our course. At the end of each post, we provide course link and ask our followers if they want to know more about "xyz" topic then check out our complete online certificate course on Udemy.


2. If anyone shares Udemy course completion certificate on LinkedIn, we congratulate them on their success and we reshare their posts along with certificates. It attracts other people to join the same course.


3. Before launching any new course (at least 2-3 days prior to publishing), we start running a Poll. e.g., We are launching "xyz course" How many of you are interested? This way it creates a hype.


4. We fully utilize Promotional emails that has been provided by Udemy.


5. We have built trust of our current students to certain extent by timely reply of their questions, sending educational emails on any course update and thanking them for

their course reviews and feedbacks.


6. Last but not least, I would like to thank Udemy's marketing team. Around 50% of our revenue is from Udemy's promotion. 


Overall, so far it's going well. Looking forward for more success on Udemy.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Wow, @PV Drug Safety Academy. Thank you so much for taking the time to share these tips! It proves that constant marketing efforts are paying off 😊


I hope, this will be inspirational and motivational for fellow instructors 🙌

@SoyMarketer Thank you and Good luck!!

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