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Hi all


I'm new to Udemy and to teaching online altogether. I've just completed a Masters Degree and am now designing courses that aligns with my area of expertise. 


It's taking me about 2 days per 5-10 minute lesson, from writing the script to doing the visuals (I'm avoiding simply using PowerPoint slides)


I'm 7 lessons in, and am expecting about 20 total for the whole course,  hopefully my course creation process will speed up over time.


Came on here to pick up marketing tips, amd perhaps other tips to make my courses more enjoyable.


Don't be shy, come say hi, I don't bite. 😀

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Creating a course is rewarding. The course creation process gets better with time. I am back to creating a new course after a 5y absence and my editing skills were rusty a bit.

But the more you create, the better it gets.


I helped create a course to my friend 7 years ago. Now, I am doing the course myself. I have written a book and turned it into script. I have recorded a test video. I am recovering my video editing skills. I am using Final Cut Pro X. 

Hello CyberCH,

Greetings from Ukraine. 

I am also new to instructors community. Congratulations on your Masters degree. It’s much better to teach something when you have a degree. I have two university degrees (civil engineering and aviation security). I am about to start studying sports this year. 
Before creating a course, I prefer to write a book on the same topic. It’s easier to write a book than create a course. Also, when you create a book, you can keep editing it anytime you want. It’s different with the course. If you want to update your lesson or add more content to it, you would need to re-record the entire lesson. 
I create courses based on my books. I use my books as a script. I just add intro and outro with the help of chatGPT-4. 
I have recorded a test video yesterday. It took me few hours to record and edit the entire 5 minutes lesson. This is because I already have a book and script. 
I suggest you to try to publish a book first on the topic you are teaching and then turn this book into online courses. It’s easy to write and publish the book with the help of AI and Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. 
With you success with course creation. 

Kind regards,


The author of books on urban planning, aviation security, customer service and soccer. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @AndriiShybanov,


That's such an interesting approach, writing a book first and then creating a course based on it.


Do you incorporate the book as a resource into your course, or do you exclusively sell it on Amazon and use it as an additional marketing tool for your course, and vice versa?😊


Hi Andii,

Thanks for your reply.

I wrote a book on this subject last year. 267 pages. I have no real problem with content because I am teaching a certification course, so I bought a copy of the certification curriculum, and am working from that and adjusting the content to make concepts clearer.

I spoke recently to someone who has also published courses here on the same subject. 3-6 months seems about average because of the breadth and depth of the content, so I seem to be on track.

Oh well, no free suppers, as they say.

Hope things improve for you over there soon. We've got a family from Zaporizhzhia living with us, desperately wanting to go home, but afraid for their child. 

Good Luck 

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