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Hi everyone.


I'm new to Studio U, but I recently had my first course accepted on Udemy - and a few days ago had my first student!  My course is Tracing Ancestors in the UK for Beginners.


I'd like a few tips on marketing, as I know this kind of course is not going to immediately sell itself.  I've already created a voucher and posted on Facebook and on my website, but I'm not sure what to do next.


Any suggestions welcome



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You can use :Free coupons in social networks like: Linked in - Face book - Youtube and ...

In addition check the Udemy marketing tools and wait about one week to Starting of Udemy marketing.


Welcome @RosamundeBo395! Our community is a space for instructors to help other instructors, so feel free to start asking questions and sharing your knowledge and expertise. We also have an exclusive space for published instructors (Published Instructor Club) where you can discuss post-publish topics such as marketing there.


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You're asking the most popular question on these boards.  As I just got done answering on another thread, it's hard to do much marketing with a single Udemy course.  I would get started on the follow-up course or create a short "lead magnet" course that you can give away few free vouchers to gether students.  Then cross promote between the two courses using Udemy promotional announcements.


Hope this helps and congratulations on your course,



Thanks for the advice.  I will certainly have a look at the Published Instructor Club - and I also have plenty of scope for follow-up courses.  I also have an idea for a free introductory course, which I could use as a promotion for the beginner's course with discounts.


Lots of work ahead!

Many thanks


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Hey @RosamundeBo395 

You've got some great answers and links to other places already so I'm going to restrict myself to saying welcome to the community and congratulations on launching your first course, wishing you all the success in the world.

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